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June 18, 2015

Billy Hurley III


Q. To hear you describe it, it wasn't a day you want to chronicle or catalog?
BILLY HURLEY, III: I hit a lot of good shots, and I hit a couple of really, really bad ones. On the really, really bad ones, I made triple twice. I made two triples and a double. You are not going to come out with a good score doing that. They were really bad shots that did that, but there were always really bad breaks on top of bad shots. I don't know.

Q. Where did it sort of start to come undone for you?
BILLY HURLEY, III: I hit a really bad 9-iron on 8, the par-5, missed it right. I know you can't do that. It landed right, bounced down in the fescue, hit it up to the left, stayed in the fescue, hit it back down to the right, almost in the fescue. Played ping pong there for a while and made eight. Bad tee shot on 10 and made double on 10. It was kind of that three-hole stretch that. Played good for most of the back nine and then hit a bad shot into a bunker, bunker didn't have any sand in it, skulled it over the green and made another triple bouncing it back and forth on some of these greens.

Q. You work so hard to get here and things don't go the way you hoped they would with the preparation and the planning and the practice. Tomorrow is a new day, you start fresh. How do you approach it?
BILLY HURLEY, III: Well, you have got to shoot the course record, I guess, and then hope the cut still comes back to you. We'll take it as a learning experience. I'm playing good. Just hit a couple loose shots and that's golf, that's U.S. Open golf. You hit bad shots and you make big numbers. That's just how it goes.
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