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June 17, 2015

Jelena Jankovic


J. JANKOVIC/C. Dellacqua
7‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Having won in Birmingham in 2007, do you believe past winning experience in a tournament is helpful years later in doing well?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  Yes, I think you always love coming back to the tournaments that you have done well, that you won and you have great memories playing at the venue.
So I'm really happy that I'm here.  I enjoy playing on this grass here in Birmingham.  So far so good.  You know, I'm looking forward.
I'm glad he was able to win a against my opponent today.  She was playing really well and is a lefty player.  It's not easy.  It's very tricky.
And I look forward to playing tomorrow as well.

Q.  Do you think this is the toughest Aegon Classic there has been in years?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  It's difficult to say it's the toughest, but there are so many great players in the field.  You know, I enjoy that kind of challenge, and it's nice for the fans as well to enjoy some really good tennis prior to Wimbledon.

Q.  We had a good chat with you yesterday and you explained the background now.  Is this now for you business as usual, taking the games, you know, next up Kerber or...
JELENA JANKOVIC:  What do you mean, take care of business?  (Laughter.)

Q.  Well, yeah.  You know, first round, second round, this is the plan.
JELENA JANKOVIC:  Yeah, you just focus one match at time and don't really look too far ahead.  Every opponent is tough, especially on grass.  The points are a lot shorter and anything can happen out there.
You have to keep up your focus at the high level, and, you know, it's just one point at time, one game at time and not really look too far ahead.  Stay in the moment.
I think that is very important playing here.  Like I said, I just want to continue.  I played quite well in the last two rounds.  I think as I get further in the draw the opponents will get tougher and tougher.
But every opponent is tough anyway, so we'll see how it will go.

Q.  Are you surprised Ana has gone out?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  It's difficult to say.  You know, like I said, every opponent is tough.  You have to be ready no matter who you play.  It does not matter the ranking, the player who you maybe have beaten before.  On grass it's a tricky play.  You know, the opponent could have a really good day and you can be out.
So with all that said, you know, it's just a completely different play out here.  We don't really get to practice on it a lot.  We just play a couple of tournaments per year, you know.
Especially when you're playing your first event it's not easy.  It takes a little bit of time to just adjust and kind of find your rhythm and find your play, feel comfortable on it.

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