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June 16, 2015

Stan Wawrinka


S. WAWRINKA/N. Kyrgios
6‑3, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  This transformation was good from clay to grass.  That wasn't bad, wasn't it?
STAN WAWRINKA:  It was good, really good start.  I arrive Saturday, first practice Saturday, had three days of practice.
I'm feeling quite good, for sure.  Still need more time on the grass, more adjustment for especially for moving.  Sometimes I'm not moving that well, but today it was a great match.
I'm playing well, obviously, and I'm happy with the way I played already for the first match on grass.

Q.  You will have to go and book an extra practice session after your 49‑minute match.
STAN WAWRINKA:  Well, I did enough tennis the past two months (smiling).  I will more focus on trying to rest, trying to recover, and be ready for tomorrow because probably gonna have singles and doubles.  I'm trying to play well since the beginning, so I'm going to have more rest this afternoon.

Q.  Besides you playing well today, did you notice that Nick wasn't feeling well or looking well, anything like that out on the court?
STAN WAWRINKA:  Not really.  Maybe you can tell me.
But not really, you know.  First time I play him.  I saw him play many matches, that's for sure.  Practicing, also.  And with him, you never know what's happening in his mind.
Not really, didn't see anything, but maybe you can tell me more.

Q.  He said he's sick.  I was just wondering if you noticed anything at all?
STAN WAWRINKA:  No, no.  I'm focused on myself.  When I'm sick and cannot play, I don't come.  If I play, I just play and that's it.
I don't know.  I didn't notice anything.  Again, with him, you never know what's happening on the other side of the court.

Q.  Is he quite a strange opponent in some ways?  Because he can miss for a while and suddenly he gets hot and you're not quite sure what to expect?
STAN WAWRINKA:  Yeah, for sure it was interesting for me, you know.  He's the future of tennis.  I have been trying to practice with him since many months but didn't find a time for that.
First time I play him directly on match, and yes, he has a big game.  That's for sure.  Today is not his best day, for sure.  A lot of ups and downs, especially on the grass, I think.
But again, he's a really talented player and the future of the tennis.

Q.  How good was it to get a match like that against somebody like Nick when you're going in against somebody similar with a big serve like Kevin Anderson?
STAN WAWRINKA:  I think it's great to start directly against a big player, tough player on grass.  We don't have so much time this year, one more week, so that was good for me for the preparation to come here, but I'm going to play only one tournament before Wimbledon, so it's great if I can play‑‑ if I play Nick today, he's normally really good on grass.
Tomorrow I'm going to play Kevin Anderson.  He's tough player.  Lost against him few times last year and never easy to play, especially on the grass, serving big, some big game from the baseline.
So I need to be ready already from the first match.

Q.  What do you find physically the most difficult switching from clay to grass?  I understand it can be quite painful for certain body parts.
STAN WAWRINKA:  For me, it's not about the pain, you know.  We used to have pain during the year.  That's not a problem.  I'm okay with that.
It's more about changing the way I'm moving.  You need to stay more down, to do more steps.  You cannot do just one big step and take advantage of that.  You need to adapt the way you're moving, but that's it.
For me, it's just some adjustment.  That's it.

Q.  What about the shorts, Stan?  You brought the shorts with you.  Are they sort of your lucky charm now?
STAN WAWRINKA:  No, no.  I just brought them from the last tournament.  It's okay here.  You don't have to wear all white.  That's why I took them here.
I think it's nice to see them with a different shirt.  I'm quite enjoying (smiling).

Q.  Nick was saying he sounded completely fed up and said when he leaves here he will switch off the tennis channels and not watch any tennis, switch off the app on his phone.  Do you have any sympathy with a guy when he says he's a bit fed up?
STAN WAWRINKA:  When he's gonna do this?

Q.  He said after this tournament he doesn't want to think about tennis for the week, two weeks.  Does that surprise you?
STAN WAWRINKA:  About what he's saying?  No, not really.  I think he's saying a lot of things every day, so it's quite interesting for journalists to hear that (smiling).
I'm sure he's not going to switch off.  I'm sure he will be ready for Wimbledon, because if he switch off two weeks of tennis, then he can go home and not play Wimbledon.  It's coming up.  So you need to be ready if you want to play well.
Doesn't really surprise me.  When I read his interview, it's always funny, a lot of things you can take.  When I read before the match he was ready, excited for the challenge, and now he was sick.
So I'm just saying he's saying a lot of things, and I think it's always interesting as a player to read what he's saying and how his mind working.

Q.  Do you think he's kidding us?
STAN WAWRINKA:  I don't know.  I think he's enjoying his time.  He's really talented player.  He's already a good tennis player.  He already beat some No. 1 player, made quarters in Wimbledon.  He is the future of tennis.
He has a lot of good energy on the court for the people, for the crowd, and I think it's good to have some player like that for the tennis.
But again, I'm focused on myself.  I'm really happy with the way I played today, and that's the most important for me.

Q.  What time of the year did you decide to play here rather than Halle?  When did you make that decision?
STAN WAWRINKA:  I don't remember, but I played Halle only like long, long time ago.  Since then, always try to come here.
I think the courts are amazing.  It's the same as Wimbledon, so it's perfect preparation for me.  I enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the club.  Always have a good feeling with the people who is working here.
For me, it's always great if I can be in London one month already in the house and just have some easy time and good preparation for Wimbledon.

Q.  Will you stay in the same place for the whole month?

Q.  How different do you feel after winning Paris compared to 18 months ago with Australia and that experience?  How important is that going to be for you now?  I think you even said after Australia it was difficult, something new, getting to understand the attention, the focus and the pressure.  So talk about that difference and how you're going to adapt to it this time.
STAN WAWRINKA:  Yeah, for sure, Australia, everything was new and I didn't know what to expect.  Everybody was saying it's going to change your life and change your career.
And that's true.  You win a first Grand Slam, especially in that era and you have only the big four winning Grand Slam since 10 years.  So that was a big thing for myself.  I did few mistakes after.  I had a lot of ups and downs.  I had to learn and to change the way I was and trying to adapt myself to my new life.
I think this one is bigger in what I achieved.  I'm enjoying more.  I think I did bigger tournament playing better, but what's coming after, I have more under control.  I had one week off with some big up and down, and I have to realize what I did, but I'm controlling more what I'm doing, because I had the experience from the first one.  And also, because I don't have really a choice, because grass court is here.  So I have to put my focus already on the next tournament here in Queen's.
I have to focus on the tennis again.  Maybe the little mistake I did after Australia is I took six weeks off tennis tournament.  That was maybe a little bit too long, so that's something completely different now.

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