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June 16, 2015

Cameron Tringale


Q. On No. 9, let's talk about what you hit and what happened.
CAMERON TRINGALE: Well, it was actually a hole-in-two. I hit the first one, it was a 3-iron, it was 226 maybe, to the hole. And I hit the first one pretty good and it plugged in the right bunker just under the lip. Then I teed up another one and gave it the full treatment and it was a pure golf shot. It just carried the bunker and then probably rolled 30, 40 feet up the slope to the pin and then couldn't see it go in, really. There's another ball really close. But heard the gallery erupt and it was kind of strange, I didn't know what to feel because I had already hit one. So does it really count or not? It was one of those, like as it was happening that's what I was kind of thinking about. But very cool, nonetheless.

Q. When you do that in any practice round, any competitive round it's a thrill. What's it like? You're here for the U.S. Open, what does that mean to just get one in a practice round?
CAMERON TRINGALE: Yeah, it's really cool. I've only had one before today, before this one. So it's always something to see that ball disappear with a long club in your hand. There were plenty of people up there to celebrate it. And it was pretty cool.

Q. Did you hit the same club from 226?
CAMERON TRINGALE: Yeah, same club both times.

Q. What have you gathered from the course so far in your practice?
CAMERON TRINGALE: You know, there's a lot to learn out here. I feel like I'm just scratching the surface. I've been around it a few times now. But I'm learning just -- trying to learn about which ridges you can use and which ones won't help you. I think if you're out of position at all you're going to have to use those ridges to try and get the ball close to the hole. Really just trying to get a feel for that and how much the ball's releasing in the fairway, how far short of the green can you land it and have it roll on. And really just trying to get a read on the speed on the greens. There's going to be a lot of putting off the green. Just trying to get comfortable with my pace and putting from 20 and 30 yards off the green, something I don't do very often. That's kind of something I've been working towards.

Q. How do you pick up the trophy on Sunday? What does it take for your game to be the best of all when it's all said and done?
CAMERON TRINGALE: I think putting from inside ten feet, I think five to ten feet, whoever is holing a lot of those putts is going to have a chance. It's going to be tough to get the ball consistently close to the hole. So inevitably I think you'll face a lot of those putts for par. And if you can keep momentum and hole those eight, ten-footers, I think you'll have a chance on Sunday.
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