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June 5, 2004

Kenny Perry


Q. Guys yesterday talked about anything in the 60s would be good. Now we've had three of them today so far and guys are going pretty low.

KENNY PERRY: Well, I told my son after I finished bogey, double bogey, the last two holes yesterday to shoot even par, I said we're going to have to shoot a pair of 65s to win this golf tournament, so my goal today was to shoot 65, so I was kind of in the goal mode to make as many birdies as I could. I didn't have any pressure on me. I was very relaxed and I was just very aggressive. I hit the ball beautifully today and I putted well, so I gave myself a lot of opportunities and was able to make a few.

Q. Pin placements so that you might be rewarded more for going after them with some backstops in some areas rather than if you -- somebody in the lead might have to play to the side of the green and not be rewarded?

KENNY PERRY: I think every day is like that out here. All the greens have shelving, all have backstops, and all are very difficult if you short-side yourself. It's important that you be aggressive every day. I mean, I've won here twice, so that's kind of always been my mind set, was to always be aggressive and to always keep it around the flag as much as possible and not play too safe, because a lot of places you can't even two-putt from.

Q. It's not the 65 that you wanted, but do you feel like you put yourself with at least an opportunity to --

KENNY PERRY: Definitely, hopefully if the leaders don't get too far ahead of me, if somebody doesn't get up to 10 or 11 or 12-under, that would make it hard on me, but if they stay around 9-under I've got a shot.

Q. Given your history here, did you think it's just a matter of time before you put one of these low numbers up?

KENNY PERRY: I played good the first two days and I could only come up with even par. I opened the tournament with a double bogey and I finished with a double bogey yesterday, so I made two mistakes that killed me where in the past I didn't make those mistakes. Hopefully now I can play some great golf like I did today and come from behind and maybe catch them.

Q. (Inaudible).

KENNY PERRY: Well, I kind of made a couple swing adjustments, pushed the ball probably two to three inches further back in my stance, and it made my iron play so much better today. I was a lot more controlled. My trajectory was a whole lot better, and I had command over the ball today, where in the past I was hitting a little right, a little left and I was unsure what I was doing out there, whereas today I felt like I could hit a draw out there any time I needed to, and that was nice to be able to rely upon that one shot.

Q. How long have you been having this trouble?

KENNY PERRY: Well, I played good at Colonial two weeks ago and then I didn't play at Memphis, so I had a week off. I kind of just got a little out of rhythm, a little out of sync.

Q. The two double bogeys, what were they a result of?

KENNY PERRY: Well, a bladed a sand wedge, a shot I hadn't hit in forever. I couldn't tell you the last time I skulled a sand wedge out of the bunker, flew it all the way over the green into the other bunker and then I didn't get up-and-down and then I made double to start the tournament out.

Then yesterday I hit too much club. I had a flyer and it kind of shot out over to the right over here and long, and I couldn't even hold my next shot on the green and then I couldn't get up-and-down.

Q. How important is it to make birdies on the par 5s today?

KENNY PERRY: Very important. Like I hit driver, 5-iron into 15. 11 is the kind of hole I don't ever go for, I always lay it up, but I was able to hit it close there and make birdie.

This golf course is the kind of course you can shoot low on but you can shoot a high number, too, because there's disasters on every hole out there.

Q. Does the number go to 64 tomorrow for you?

KENNY PERRY: I need to, probably will, I don't know. I'm hoping maybe 11 or 12-under is the number. That's what I'm hoping. If it goes more than that, it's going to be hard for me to win.

Q. Justin said this is only the second tournament together. Given the success that you had in the first one --

KENNY PERRY: Yeah, we finished 3rd at TPC together.

Q. You kind of want to spread the caddying out among a lot of people. Are you developing a different idea?

KENNY PERRY: If we keep playing well, he may have to quit his summer job and start working for me.

Q. And his summer job is what?

KENNY PERRY: Well, he just graduated two Sundays ago from high school, and he's got -- we've got a lot of tournaments for him scheduled this summer. He's going to play a lot of amateur golf, got the Kentucky Amateur coming up he qualified for, so he'll play some AJGA events and we'll just get him ready for college. He's going to be a freshman at David Lipscomb University. He's got a scholarship to play golf there, so we're just going to get him ready to play some golf.

Q. Does he ever ask you anything out there or is he just the quiet one?

KENNY PERRY: He's real quiet and laid back and he'll look at it and say, "What do you think? Just a smooth 7-iron?" I'll just say, "Yeah, that's what it is." He'll offer his opinion every now and then. I'll have him look at putts. He's good at reading putts, but he's a real calming influence for me out there because he doesn't really get excited.

End of FastScripts.

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