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June 14, 2015

Billy Horschel


Q.  You should wear FedEx colors everyday.
BILLY HORSCHEL:  It brought me some good luck today.  Finally the first day that I was able to play and in conditions with no wind.  We had the bad side of the draw, I guess could you say, earlier this week.  Friday morning I had to play in some wind.  I finally made some putts.  I made one on 7, about 25 feet.  I made another one at No. 16 from about 25 feet.  Little disappointed because I got off to such a great start and felt like if I shot 8-under, I had a chance to win and made a bogey at 10 and bogey at 15.  You hit it in the fairway, you got a chance to make birdie.  Little disappointed, but all in all a solid week.

Q.  Got to be a good feeling going into next week?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  My game is feeling good.  I've been feeling good with everything we've been doing the last couple months.  Finally the results have sort of started showing up.  I love the U.S. Open golf.  I love the challenge it brings.  I love the type of player that seems to excel there on a regular basis, and I feel like it fits me to a tee.

Q.  This course and this event here, what's the word around the Tour, especially you get Luke Donald over here and loved it.
BILLY HORSCHEL:  You know what, I think it's underappreciated.
AIt really is.  The one thing that hurts this tournament the most, unfortunately it falls the week before the U.S. Open.  I think this is an underrated golf course.  I think it's probably one of the Top-5 golf courses in my opinion, but you don't get the big names here because of Open the week after.  And I think they come here, they will realize how great of a golf course this is, how challenging of a course it is, and how it prepares you for the U.S. Open.  I think underappreciated.  I love coming here.  I love this event.  My wife loves coming here.  We have friends that live here now.  I would love to have more of the bigger names come here, but obviously with the U.S. Open the week after, everyone's schedule is a little bit different.

Q.  The layout next week a little different for an Open course?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  Completely a unique layout for the USGA.  It's something they've never seen before and we've never seen it.  To say it's a links-style golf course, yes, but I wouldn't call it a Scottish, you know, Irish course type deal.  I wouldn't say you could run the ball up as much around there.  The greens have a lot more slope to them, and I think we're going to be a lot quicker than you would see over at an Open Championship.
So, it's going to be a great test of golf.  I'm looking forward to it.  I like the course.  I like the views.  I love the challenge and the uniqueness of it.  So, you know, my thing I've been saying the whole time since I've been out there, which was the week after The Players, was that the greens are something USGA has never seen before.  I think they need to take that into account with the green speeds and in the sense they could get out of control and make us look a little silly.  We'll see what it looks like tomorrow.

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