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June 14, 2015

Fabian Gomez


AMANDA HERRINGTON:テつ We'd like to welcome our champion, Fabian Gomez, from Argentina into the interview room here after an exciting Sunday at the St. Jude FedEx Classic.テつ Talk about going into the day and where we are now and how it feels.
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ The first important finish that I slept well last night.テつ We have a nice barbeque in our hotel, and today I tried to, you know, keep playing the same way that I play the first three days, keep concentrating, and if in some moment I feel a little nervous, I try to think in another thing and keep my mind blank and enjoy the round.
AMANDA HERRINGTON:テつ You've won before on other tours.テつ What it like to get your first PGA TOUR win?
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ You know, it's like a dream come true for me.テつ Even if I won many tournaments, winning here on the PGA TOUR is something amazing and I'm going to enjoy the moment with my family.
AMANDA HERRINGTON:テつ With that we'll take some questions.テつ We have a microphone and we can just pass it around.

Q.テつ Having won a tournament, what does this do for your confidence going forward?
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ You know, winning a tournament is a big thing, because, you know, you have two-year exemption and after that, probably play a little less stressful every week and not thinking too much, keep your card, you know, and just only win another tournament.

Q.テつ At what point during the round did you feel comfortable that you would win?
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ You know, I think that the breakpoint in my round was when I made birdie in No. 16 and Greg, my partner, made par.テつ After that I knew that I had 3-stroke difference, and after that I knew that the chance to win was close.

Q.テつ Being able to finish up on 18 with the birdie putt from 30 feet, that had to be a nice way to get that first win.
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ You know, playing the 18th hole the way that I played means so much because it's a really tough hole, you know.テつ And the first shot from the tee with my 3-wood reached the fairway gave me more confident with the second shot.テつ And after that, to be honest, I'm looking to make two putts, but feeling very nice.

Q.テつ Angel Cabrera, Jose Coceres, Andres Romero, they've all won out here.テつ How much influence have they had on your career and what's it mean to now join them in the list of Argentinian champions?
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ You know, that list for me is an honor, and we share many, many weeks with Andres, Angel.テつ When they play on The Tour the same week with me, we share some barbeque, we had one last night, and I know that they are going to be happy for this situation right now and I try to keep there, you know.
AMANDA HERRINGTON:テつ Finally, how will your friends and family back home celebrate?
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ You know, yesterday all my friend and family from Argentina were really excited about it, really emotional day for me that you can see.
AMANDA HERRINGTON:テつ Congratulations.テつ Thank you for your time.

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