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June 14, 2015

Russell Knox


Q.  This tournament now here in Memphis.  Fine 66 for you take, 7-under for the week.  How pleased are you with the week?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, I'm very pleased.  Just obviously had one round which cost me a great chance to finish 1st, but I mean I'm thrilled how I came back from yesterday with a 66 today.

Q.  Game trending in the right direction?
AI've been playing good for months now.  I have to put four rounds together and I mean at least three of these rounds together this week.  Yeah, I'm very pleased with my game.

Q.  2-under on the front-9.  I'm going to show you 16.  This was for eagle, which didn't quite make it.
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, just skirted right a little bit off the fringe there and didn't quite come back.  I mean, I'm never going to be disappointed with a birdie.  I wanted the eagle, but 4 is still good.

Q.  When we look at some of your stats as well, this makes good reading for you, bogey-free rounds.  There you are at the top of the pile.
RUSSELL KNOX:  That's a nice stat to be at the top.  It's pretty cool, obviously.  I need to make more birdies, though.  That's what it comes down to.  I'm very proud of that.

Q.  I mean, moving on from here after this, pretty locked to be another Top-10 finish.  Who are your targets for the rest of the season and moving things up another level?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Just go out and try and win.  That's it.  Do what I have to do to avoid -- getting off to a bad start yesterday cost me a great chance to win here.  I'm doing everything well, so I just need to keep doing what I'm doing and eventually it will happen.

Q.  We see Greg Owen out there right now trying to get the maiden win.  When you go for the maiden victory, how much pressure do you put on your shoulders getting into contention?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I obviously put a little too much pressure on myself so far.  Need to stop thinking about it, just let it go.  Obviously Greg has had many more chances than I've had, so it will be difficult and it always is.  That's why a lot of the people win all the time.  I wish him all the best, and hopefully he'll do it today and I'll do it soon.

Q. Nice watching you play this week.  7-under is nothing to be ashamed of.

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