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July 2, 2004

Brittany Lincicome


RHONDA GLENN: Brittany, thank you for being with us. Tough day, today. Why?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: I hit the ball really good off the tee, second shots I couldn't get anything close, and my putting was off today. Every time I thought I was going to make a putt I either lipped out or burnt the edge, so putting wasn't good.

RHONDA GLENN: Do you think, was there any chance that maybe you got a little too excited yesterday with everything?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Maybe a little bit. I tried to be as normal as possible, when I came here this morning, but maybe it got to me more than I thought. I had a lot of people that called yesterday. A lot of interviews and stuff yesterday. Tomorrow is going to be better.

Q. (Inaudible).

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Maybe a little bit. I tried not to let it, but it's a little overwhelming, the first time here, and shooting as good as I did yesterday. That's all right.

Q. What did you do last night?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: I finally got home, after being here forever, and we ordered pizza. And then I went to bed at 9. I did nothing, absolutely nothing.

Q. Did you watch yourself on TV at all?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: I missed the interview. I saw the highlights, but I missed the interview.

Q. Just from a golf standpoint, did you feel not as comfortable today out there?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Today, I don't know, my attitude today wasn't as good as yesterday. Yesterday I was smiling and all happy. Today the first couple of holes I couldn't get anything started. And then I made a bogey here and a bogey there and then I lost it after that. I couldn't get back and be all happy and cheerful like I was yesterday.

Q. Now you can go out and relax tomorrow?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yes, I play better if I'm smiling and happy, I talk a lot. Today I just walked by myself and hung out by myself, I don't know. Maybe I was sick today and I didn't know it.

Q. (Inaudible).

BRITTANY LINCICOME: No, I didn't play as good as I wanted to today. I was hoping to be top three or at least after today. But, you know, 1-over, I'm happy, I made the weekend, that's what I was trying to do. Tomorrow I'm going to try and go out and make birdies, because I didn't make really any today. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited to be in the top. I would have been a little more excited if I shot better.

Q. A little nerves on the 10th tee, the first hole, something you've ever experienced?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: It was worse yesterday, because it was my first shot. First practice round shot. I don't know how I made contact with the ball, seriously. No, that hole, I've hit it inside ten feet all three days in my practice round and yesterday. I got up there today and pulled it a little bit, but it was still on the green. They weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be.

Q. If you'd been told before the tournament started that you were going to be 1-over and made the cut, would you have been satisfied?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: I'd have been satisfied, definitely. The first goal was to make the cut. I figured if I made the cut I was pretty good. I played okay.

Q. Short putt you missed on 17, did that take a lot out of you mentally?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, yeah, that -- I knew it was coming, I have one putt where I miss, a foot, foot and a half. I even marked it. It's inevitable, I always do that. I knew it was coming, I just didn't know when. I got it out of the way, I just didn't know when.

Q. Not teeing off until 3:00, how late did you sleep today?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Got up like at 5:00. My mom doesn't sleep, so we got up like at 6 and we went and got something to eat at 9 or 10, so it would digest, and I wasn't all full when I got here. I got here 2 hours before. And then I chipped and putted forever. I don't like teeing off in the afternoon, I'd rather tee off at 7 or 6:00. Just the waiting around just is not fun.

RHONDA GLENN: Did you ever have lunch?


Q. (Inaudible).

BRITTANY LINCICOME: I don't remember missing a fairway. Driver, I know if I get set up right, that it's going to go straight. It makes the game a lot easier, I tell you.

Q. (Inaudible).

BRITTANY LINCICOME: It was a little bit of both. Consistency, like they weren't going at the flags, I was missing right or left. Didn't know which way I was going to miss it.

Q. On 12, was it adrenaline, where that went up the hill, or was that a misread on the distance?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: That was my dad. That was the caddy's fault. We were 90 yards out, which would be a normal gap wedge, gap wedge gets about 90 to a hundred. But he said hit pitching wedge. Pitching wedge goes 115, and I was only 90 yards out.

Q. 10 and 11 looked good, and that sort of started your --

BRITTANY LINCICOME: That didn't help me at all. After that I was a little mad after that, I don't know why that bothered me so much. Yesterday I bogeyed my second hole, I 3-putted, that would drive you more crazy rather than having a hard chip like I had. I don't know why it bothered me, but I think that started it.

End of FastScripts.

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