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March 10, 1998

Dominique Van Roost


Q. The obvious question is, you had her on the run, you came back from 4-Love, and what happened?

DOMINIQUE VAN ROOST: I think that I made a couple of unforced error at 4. I played very good from 4-Love to 4. It's hard to continue playing that way because I was running a lot today, and I was giving a lot of my energy. At 4, I couldn't play the game I played until 4. Of course, if you run so much one time, then one moment you will not play the best game. I think that's what happened at 4. Then I get very tired in the second set.

Q. What do you think of her? You had not played her before, had you?

DOMINIQUE VAN ROOST: No. I played her sister. I didn't play her. It was the first time. She's very powerful, of course. She has a very good serve. The ball is very heavy. She's playing very fast, so she's a very talented player. She's taking the ball very early also. Today, she couldn't let me play my game. Because I'm also a player who takes a lot of risk. I try to do the winner before the other one. Today, she couldn't let me play my game. She was also playing very fast. She was making a lot of winners from my serve and from the baseline.

Q. You've been around for a while. You've played the Grafs and the Seleses. Where does she rank with them?

DOMINIQUE VAN ROOST: It's hard to compare. They don't have the same game, so you cannot compare each other. But from my point of view, she's a very strong player so she will get very soon to the Top 10, probably to the Top 5. But for the rest, I don't know, because you have to be very good the whole year. You cannot make any mistake if you want to be No. 1 or in the Top 5. But she has the potential to become one of the best players in the world.

Q. Have you talked to her at all? Do you like her? Do you know her?

DOMINIQUE VAN ROOST: I don't talk to her. I mean, I don't know her. We never talk together.

Q. So the first words you exchanged were at the net, "Nice match"?

DOMINIQUE VAN ROOST: Yeah, exactly. I mean, I don't know why I should talk with her or why she should talk with me. I mean, I know -- because she's very young also. I am 24. We are not from the same age. I don't know her. She's a newcomer on the Tour since two years now. Maybe I will have a chance to talk to her. I talked with her sister when I played with her in Zurich last year. She seems very nice person, but you never going to have the chance until now to talk to her.

Q. Did you beat her sister?

DOMINIQUE VAN ROOST: Yes. At least I beat one of them (laughter).

Q. You're having a very good year yourself.

DOMINIQUE VAN ROOST: Yeah. I didn't lose a lot of matches since now. So I think I'm starting to get a little bit tired of all the matches that I played since now. I played all these indoor tournaments. I played three in a row. I played two final. It's a lot of match that I have now. Mentally and physically I start to be not as good as I was one month ago. But my game is good. I think, until 4 I played very well, then after I couldn't play the same game because I was getting too tired.

Q. What will you do next?

DOMINIQUE VAN ROOST: Lipton, and then I have a break. I'm going to take a couple of days now to rest for a bit and doing some condition, running, all this stuff, then get ready for Lipton. Then I have a bigger break because I'm not going to play before May. My first tournament will be Rome. I will have one month to prepare for a tournament on clay.

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