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June 13, 2015

Fabian Gomez


Q.テつ The putter, 12, one putt greens.テつ Is this the best putting round you've had in a long time?
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ I play well.テつ The birdie chance, some of them were really close, but even that I made a great putt at No. 15, and, you know, I feeling well.テつ The weather is nice for me, not so hot, and we'll see tomorrow.

Q.テつ 12, one putt greens, 23 total.テつ That's a pretty good number?テつ You mentioned the fact you have been working hard on your game, really practicing.テつ Obviously you feel like that's paying off.
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ I've been working since the beginning of the year.テつ You know, when you make some putts, the confidence get higher and the game is easier.

Q.テつ Now you're in position to win for the first time on the PGA TOUR.テつ Eighteen holes to go.テつ What is the game plan?テつ How excited are you?テつ Are you nervous?
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ Yeah, you know, the game plan is going to be the same.テつ I'm going to practice again with my putter.テつ I think that's the main goal tomorrow, keep playing well.テつ I not going to change nothing, really, you know.

Q.テつ Good luck.

Q.テつ Sort of an up and down round but really got it together last five, six holes.テつ Have to feel good about the way you finished.
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ Playing well.テつ I had a chance, you know, to win tomorrow.テつ That's my goal.

Q.テつ What has been working well for you?
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ I've been playing well with the driver, and this course is so much important to reach the fairway to have the ball in the middle.テつ And also I've been playing really well on the green with my putter, and that's the way that we try tomorrow, you know, keep the same game plan.

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