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June 13, 2015

Fabian Gomez


DOUG MILNE:  Obviously with translation, Fabian Gomez.  Thanks for joining us for a few minutes.  Great position heading into the final round.  If you would just comment a little bit on the round today and how you're feeling heading into tomorrow.
FABIAN GOMEZ:  I've been playing with the driver the last three rounds and so important in this course, you know, to reach many fairways.  And also on the green, my putting been well the last few rounds and the game plan for tomorrow is also the same, keep going, keep concentrating, keep patient.  At the moment you have to be up and down, and that's the main goal for tomorrow.

Q.  How aggressive or conservative have you had to play today because of the conditions?
FABIAN GOMEZ:  I tried to play -- I tried to play well after the first-9.  After the first-9, some hole about 9 I didn't play really well, but I finish strong again the last four holes of the round and that's the same thing for tomorrow.

Q.  How important would it be at this point in your career to win a PGA TOUR tournament?
FABIAN GOMEZ:  Obviously for me to win on the PGA TOUR is like a dream come true, and tomorrow is going to be a really exciting day.  And, you know, it's a day that you don't have to think too much about the situation and try to play the same way that you played the last few days.
DOUG MILNE:  Was Cabrera somebody you looked up to early on?
FABIAN GOMEZ:  Yeah.  You know, Jose Coceres, who is from my same state and town in Argentina.  Obviously for me he was like a mentor.  Obviously Angel Cabrera.  I share many rounds with Angel during the last few years.  Obviously these two guys are really important for me.

Q.  How much does your game suit this course?  Because I know you played well here a few years ago, had a Top 20 finish.
FABIAN GOMEZ:  I'm the kind of guy that usually, you know, my driver is straight.  And in this course, you know, many, many holes you have to be really, you know, competitive with your driver.  And also so many holes you need to play like a fade, you know, and I cannot play that for me, really tough to hit a fade and that's the situation.
Also, it's a course that usually you have to play with the wind.  And I'm the kind of player that I feel comfortable playing with the wind, you know.
DOUG MILNE:  Thank you.
FABIAN GOMEZ:  Thank you.

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