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June 13, 2015

Greg Owen


Q.  Greg, it's been a tough Saturday, 3-under, 67.  Your thoughts on today?
GREG OWEN:  It is a tough day out there.  The greens are firm and they're quick, the breeze swirls around here and picks up and down like it did on me 16, the par 5.  I thought I hit a good shot and come up 20 yards short.  Very happy.  I'm cleaning up well around the green, and I'm hitting a lot of fairways.  So keeping it in play, as you say, and taking opportunities.

Q. You've always been a tremendous ball striker?  The putter sort of let you down.  What is it about the greens here that seems to fit the eye?
GREG OWEN:  I'm reading them well and my pace is good and I feel good with the putter.  I've been working hard on it since I've gone to the core, I feel a lot more comfortable.  I just got a good feel for it.  I'm not thinking too much ahead, still 18 holes out here to go, and I got to keep doing the same stuff.

Q. 9-under through three rounds, solid rounds.  Good luck tomorrow.
GREG OWEN:  I appreciate it, thanks.

Q. See a lot of movement from those guys in the last few groups, didn't see much.
GREG OWEN:  Yeah.  Just take what the course gives you today.

Q. It's hard to attack it today.
GREG OWEN:  I missed some shots, managed to get up and down.  When I had a chance, I was okay.

Q. On a day we didn't see a lot of low numbers, Greg, you're able to knock it around in 3-under, 67.  How did you get it going?
GREG OWEN:  Just took my chances when I had them.  There's not many out there.  You really got to create a few shots and give yourself some putts.  It's tough.  The greens are quick.  It's windy.  I was tidy around the greens, which helps a lot.  I feel comfortable with the putter and giving myself some chances.

Q. Recent results wouldn't have necessarily predicted a week like there for what you put together through 54 holes.  At what point did you know that your game could put together a string of three rounds like this?
GREG OWEN:  I started getting some real good feelings on the Sunday at Byron Nelson and unfortunately didn't play in Jack's tournament, Memorial.  Practice went well and just came in and trying to trust it, really.
And there's some holes you have to trust it, because if you don't, it can catch you.
Same again tomorrow, just try and feel doing the right things, put myself in the right position, and hopefully we can just keep doing the same around the greens.

Q. You've been in this spot before.  What do you do between now and tomorrow to get yourself ready for the final round?
GREG OWEN:  I think I just take my mind off it, go to the gym, have a nice quiet night and rest well because it's hot and humid.  I'm not a spring chicken anymore.  Just take care of myself and come out tomorrow and try and just have a game of golf.

Q. See you out there tomorrow.  Thank you.

Q. 14 and 18.  That kind of day.  Your feeling today?
GREG OWEN:  I had a good number on both of them.  Managed to hit the shots needed and capitalized with the putter.  It's tough out there.  You need a few good breaks and a couple of nice bounces.  When you get chances, you have to take them.  Fortunately for me, the putter worked today and kept my round together and some stretches and then took my chances later on.

Q. Your mindset going into tomorrow, being in position?
GREG OWEN:  It's a tough course.  It's probably going to be the same kind of conditions, I guess.  So try and play exactly as I played today, try to be relaxed, try and feel like I'm playing golf.

Q. That's what you said on Thursday, if you can relax, you'll be here on Sunday.  You're here on Sunday.
GREG OWEN:  It's the same thing.  At the end of the day, it's the same golf course, the same conditions, you just play the same way.  Doesn't matter what day it is.  If you can keep that kind mindset, which is difficult, then obviously it's going to help.

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