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June 13, 2015

Greg Owen


DOUG MILNE:  Greg, thanks for joining us for a few minutes.  Nice 3-under, 67 on an otherwise pretty difficult day, capped off with a nice birdie there at the final hole, 18.  Just some thoughts after 54 holes.
GREG OWEN:  Obviously very happy.  Playing nicely.  Short game is fantastic this week.  That's a huge bonus for me and I feel good.  I feel like -- I felt very relaxed today.  If I can stay that relaxed tomorrow, I don't see a problem.
DOUG MILNE:  With that we'll take a few questions.

Q.  Can you overall describe your play through 54 holes?  I think you've only had two bogies.
GREG OWEN:  As I said, the short game.  Obviously I hit a couple of wayward shots, it's tougher out there with the wind conditions.  I putted well.  You know, I've played smart.  Yesterday I played a little negatively.  It was tough.  Cut day always seems to bring that out a little bit.  You got to play on the weekend, otherwise it's an early trip home.
Just played nice today, just tried to relax and tried to keep rhythm in my swing.  Made a lot of good shots.

Q.  Are the conditions to the point that you have to kind of really remind yourself, you know, be conservative, don't take unnecessary chances?
GREG OWEN:  No question.  The flags are in tough positions.  The greens are firm.  There's times when you can be aggressive and there's other times where you accept being 30 feet away.  That's the good thing I'm doing.  I'm like, okay, I've a got good pace on the greens, so 30 feet is okay.  Get off, go to the next hole.  As you say, you say 3-under is a great score today.  If you can hit greens and 2-putt and make par, you're going to do pretty good.  I've had a couple of chances.

Q.  You talked earlier about your comfort level here with your friend that lives here.  You came into the tournament having made, I guess, not as many cuts as you'd like to on Tour.  Did you have a feeling you might be playing better?
GREG OWEN:  No.  Just try to work on the same things I did in practice and see what happens.  You start trying to predict the future and when you're going to play, that's when you get in trouble.  This game you've got to be patient.  Do the right things and wait for it to -- wait for the game to give you something.  And then when the opportunities come, you got to obviously take them.
You know, I'm in a position where this year my career is probably on the down spiral a little bit.  It's very upsetting to say that.  There's a lot of young kids coming through.  You got to be game.  It's a different game from when I started.  Sometimes you can't be conservative.  You have to go for shots because these young guys take it on.  It's amazing to watch some of the shots, they're not afraid of anything.  Obviously, I've been doing it 20 years and I got scars (laughter).  You know, we just -- that's probably why it helps me today, because I know where to play and where to put the ball.  Take my chances when I can.

Q.  Do you think about your position going into tomorrow and the idea of maybe being able to hoist the trophy?
GREG OWEN:  It's hard not to.  Like I said, I said outside, it's another round of golf.  You really do try and think of it as, okay, 18 more holes.  I even try to think of it as a different day, like, okay, it's Thursday, we're teeing off, playing the same golf course, got to hit the same shot.  Try and calm your mind to fool yourself as to where you are and try to relax.

Q.  Greg, at this point in your career, what would it mean to have a PGA TOUR title?
GREG OWEN:  It would mean that I've won on every Tour I played, so that would be nice (laughter).  Just a huge, huge relief that what you've been striving for your whole life, you can say you've achieved.
I don't know.  Just something that you're just proud of yourself to be able to achieve it.  Your kids can look back and stuff like that.  I'm a huge family guy.  Just want them to have everything that I didn't have when I grew up.  I had to go in the pro shop and work my way up and it's difficult.  I mean, you know, but you learn from it, and if you don't go through those things, it makes you tougher I guess, and, you know, I'd like to give everything I can to my kids.

Q.  Greg, also like at one point six different guys had a piece of the lead.  Important tomorrow to just focus on, as you mentioned, one shot at a time?
GREG OWEN:  You know what, you brought me in the press room.  I don't even know where I'm standing (laughter).  I guess I was close.  That's the way I got to play tomorrow.  You know, I can't -- everyone says, it's a whole cliche, one shot at a time.  It really is.  That's the way you got to play.  You can't -- you can't try and predict the future of this game, because if you do, it will come up and bite you.

Q.  Greg, can you describe the final three holes and what went into that streak?
GREG OWEN:  16 I hit a wonderful drive and had -- where I thought the wind was, I had a good number.  I was actually pretty happy with it.  Seemed to balloon up into the wind and came up short.  Left me probably the worst place I could have left myself.  Played a really good chip to like 15 feet.  Had a decent putt.  Misread it a little bit.
17 again hit a great tee shot, in perfect position.  The worse swing I made all day.  Just got stuck on it and hit it left.  My short game rescued me there.
Then at -- the wind was slightly different on 18 than what it's been all week.  Down off the right.  Down off the left today.  I thought I hit a decent tee shot, but it drifted a little right.  There's worse places to hit it on the 18th hole.  Good number for me.  Lucky I finished up within a few feet of the hole.
DOUG MILNE:  All right.  Greg, we appreciate your time as always.  Best of luck tomorrow.
GREG OWEN:  Appreciate it.

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