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June 13, 2015

Scott Brown


Q.  2-under par, 68.  That's solid stuff on a Saturday.
SCOTT BROWN:  I'm not doing anything to knock your socks off.  I'm kind of plodding my way around and making a few putts.  Made a couple good par putts to keep the round going.

Q.  You're from North Augusta, played a lot of golf in the South.  Is there some sort of advantage playing in Memphis, the grass conditions and the humidity and heat?
SCOTT BROWN:  I think so.  The heat in general gets to a lot of guys.  For me I'm hardly breaking a sweat out here.  But the greens, sure, I think bermuda reading-wise when you're chipping and putting and it's definitely a huge advantage.

Q.  And thoughts on tomorrow?  You have one PGA TOUR victory.  More of the same?  What's the plan?
SCOTT BROWN:  Try to draw off that experience.  I've been there a good many times in my career.  I've learned a lot from some mistakes I've made and how I'm going to feel going into tomorrow.  Just try to draw off the past.

Q.  Wild front side for you.  Sort of got it together the last six holes.
SCOTT BROWN:  Yeah.  I made some long birdie putts on the front side.  Hit a few squirrely drives and ended up making bogies off those, but all in all pretty solid day, really.

Q.  Your position being right in the thick of this going into tomorrow, what's your mindset?
SCOTT BROWN:  Just try to draw off the past.  I've been there enough in my career in contention to draw off experience, and I've done it once before out here.  So, you know, just use that to my advantage, and I kind of know how I'm going to be feel.  Little nerve-racking early and try to feel my way into the round.

Q.  How difficult is this course when it's hot and dry and not getting a lot of relief with rain on the greens?
SCOTT BROWN:  It's a great golf course.  You've got to drive it really well here and hit some good irons, and it's not one of those golf courses you can be super aggressive on.  You got to hope that you can make some 20-footers for birdie, 30-footers for birdie.  You're going to have to grind all day.  That's the way it is.

Q.  Scott, you were grinding yesterday, too.  Yesterday seemed to be similar to today.  You're right there.
SCOTT BROWN:  Right.  Yeah.  Same stuff.  You know, I'm not really doing anything just spectacular.  You know, I'm making a few putts here and there, not hitting it super close.  Driving it pretty good, but just kind of plodding my way around and really grinding.

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