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June 13, 2015

Stacy Lewis


Q. Seeing the leaders where they are at, do you feel like you are still within striking distance going into the final round?
STACY LEWIS: No, not really. I really played pretty poorly today, kind of especially those last few holes, got myself out of it. If you're within probably five or six, I think you've got a shot. But they are playing some pretty good golf behind me, so kind of unfortunately shot myself out of it a little bit today.

Q. Do you feel like 5 was a shot you could have taken advantage of, I think 5 was the miss on the birdie there?
STACY LEWIS: Like the fifth hole? Oh, gosh, I don't even remember what the fifth hole is right now. I had a lot of missed opportunities today. I hit a lot of good shots. Just they didn't end up in the right places or just went over the green or I was in divots. I hit good shots. Just didn't get anything out of the round. Just was forcing to scramble all day. It was a long day. It was pretty tough.

Q. Those players tomorrow that will be trying to win a major for the first time, you've been through that; what will they be going through?
STACY LEWIS: It's a little hard to sleep at night. You're kind of anxious and just want to get started. I think the way this golf course is playing, I don't know how much you're really going to be thinking about that. Especially the way it looks like Inbee and say young are kind of going back and forth. I think when you're battling somebody like that, you kind of forget about what it's for and you're just trying to beat that person.

Q. Does that make it easier a little bit maybe?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, in a way it makes it easier. When I won my first major at the Kraft Nabisco, it was just Yani and I going back and forth. In a way it was easier because I didn't have to worry about anybody else.

Q. For those players that are six shots back, what's going to be the difficulty for them tomorrow?
STACY LEWIS: Just not trying to be too aggressive, if you be too aggressive on this golf course, you can get short-sided really quick. I think for somebody to make a run, they are going to need to make some eagles on the par 5s and make some putts. That's really what it's going to come down to.
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