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June 13, 2015

J.R. Smith


Q.  Obviously the other night, discouraged about the performance.  Where are you at right now as we head into this next game?
J.R. SMITH:  I'm ready to play.  It's one game, so the best part about it, I can't play no worse.

Q.  You mentioned (indiscernible).  I know it's The Finals, but are you able to separate The Finals in terms of the pressure and kind of treat it as a normal game to allow yourself to just go out and play the way you normally know you're capable of playing?
J.R. SMITH:  (Indiscernible) so much is riding on this for our team.  It's kind of hard to (indiscernible).

Q.  It's been a grueling start to the series.  Does the team feel refreshed now that they have two days off?
J.R. SMITH:  Yeah.  I mean, we don't have any injuries of the guys that are playing, so we should be ready to go.

Q.  Do you feel like you need to use a bit more of the bench just to give some of the guys a bit more break?
J.R. SMITH:  That's really Coach's call.  If he goes to the bench, we've got guys who can play and are ready to play.  If he doesn't, then the guys who are out there just got to make something happen.

Q.  The couple of games that they (indiscernible).  How much of a factor did that have, having such a short rotation?
J.R. SMITH:  I mean, having a short rotation really‑‑ I don't think it's too difficult.  I think if anything it's good for guys like LeBron and Delly who are playing 40‑plus minutes.
But for everybody else it's pretty much in and out, in and out.  The long TV timeouts and stuff like that, everybody should be fine.  I don't think anybody's too gassed.  So we should be all right.

Q.  How do you stop their small ball lineup?  It seemed to really be effective in Game 4.
J.R. SMITH:  Oh, I mean, the only thing about Game 4, they shot the ball (indiscernible) well.  So I don't think you need to change too much.  We've got three games to see what they can do.  They keep making shots, then we've just got to adjust.  Like right now I look at Iguodala and Draymond Green shooting those threes.

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