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June 13, 2015

Klay Thompson


Q.テつ Do you get the feeling that if you guys start playing your hearts out and believe that it's desperation time?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ I don't think we do.テつ I think we play hard all the time.テつ I just think last game we made such great roster (indiscernible).テつ I feel going small helped us.
I think we play hard all the time.テつ It's a matter of playing smart all the time.

Q.テつ Steve Kerr talked about the benefits of resting Iguodala.テつ He played 28, 29 minutes, and LeBron, versus LeBron he's been playing 45 or 46 minutes.テつ How much does this rest mean to you, not overplaying in the game?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ I think all year our depth has been able to allow us to‑‑ no one has to have a heavy burden on minutes.テつ Which is great.テつ We all came into The Finals as fresh as we can be.
So it just comes down to our depth.テつ We face so many guys that no one really has a heavy burden out there.テつ And if you do, you're ready for it, because now it's something you've been doing the whole year.

Q.テつ Dellavedova took it to you guys for two or three games.テつ What did you do differently?テつ Is it just a matter of taking the aggression to him?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ We didn't do much differently, honestly.テつ We just made little adjustments as far as what to do on the ball screen and how to attack him defensively.テつ But we just got back to playing our style, that's all we did.

Q.テつ Do you have to take the game to him rather than let him come aggressive to you guys?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ We've got to take the game to anybody at this point.テつ Doesn't matter if it's him out there, LeBron, we've got to make them work as much as possible on both ends of the ball.

Q.テつ Are you surprised how effective he was able to be early, and do you think that's something you guys can control?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ I think we can control how effective they are as a team.テつ I mean, he's had big games in the playoffs, so it didn't surprise me.テつ You know, we're going to have a big game or two, but from here on out, (indiscernible) to have a big impact anymore.

Q.テつ Is it possible to enjoy The Finals while they're happening?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ Oh, yeah, you enjoy every minute, man.テつ You never know the next time you'll be back.テつ It's been 40 years since the Warriors won one.テつ So we enjoy every second, we embrace it, and we're having a lot of fun.テつ This is what we work for.

Q.テつ What's your dad been saying to you this week?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ Just enjoy every minute.テつ Get your rest, and have fun.

Q.テつ (No Microphone)?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ Yeah, they could, but I think our bench, head‑to‑head, we've got more depth and a better bench.
So for us, they could have impact, but that's our game plan.テつ We want to limit the impact.テつ They only played two or three guys on the bench, and we played five or six.テつ So if our bench outplays them, we'll be in great shape.

Q.テつ Draymond said when you guys went small he took his chances with Mozgov scoring 20‑plus, and then LeBron beating you guys?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ It's better him than LeBron having 60 possessions and trying to make plays.テつ He's a really good player down low, but we'll take Draymond and him.テつ Draymond makes him work.テつ He's going to get buckets.テつ He's obviously a good player, but at the end of the day we'd rather have Mozgov beating us than the reigning MVP, four‑time MVP.

Q.テつ Does that make up for lack of size?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ Yeah, but we've got to do it as a team.テつ We've got to help our big guys rebound.テつ I mean, we might be small in blocks, but we're big on the wings.テつ We're 6'8", 6'7" and we can switch around the floor, so it's really beneficial to us, and much quicker in the passing lanes.

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