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June 13, 2015

Shanshan Feng


Q. Great round today, especially on the back nine. What was the key to your success out there?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I think I was really pleased to play with Wei-Ling today because we are good friends, and then I really enjoyed the time on the course today. I think my putting really improved compared to two days ago. So I made a lot of birdies and didn't make a lot of bogeys. So that was good.

Q. You find yourself in contention, yet again likely in one of the last few groups out. What's your mind-set going into the final round tomorrow?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, it's not my first time to be in the last few groups, maybe especially in a major. And I would say, coming to this week, I didn't set any goals. I just wanted to enjoy. So I say, maybe Top-10, Top-10 would make me happy. So tomorrow, I'm just going for a Top-10, but of course I will still try my best on every shot.

Q. What kind of approach do you take into the majors that might be different from your average week out on Tour?
SHANSHAN FENG: Actually, no, I see it as just another -- like any other tournaments on the Tour. Because like my first maybe three, four years, I always struggled in the majors, and because I thought they were majors, I would have to work harder. I would have to try harder but then actually I would struggle. And then, like 2012, the year I won the Wegman's, actually I told myself, I said, this is just a normal tournament, and just do the same thing, stick on your routine, and then I won. So from then on, I know, oh, actually playing the majors where I have more pressure and I just need to find out a way to get the pressure off.

Q. Having played in the final groups a few times and won the Wegman's, how much do you draw on that experience going into tomorrow?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I would say these are the same girls that we play with every week. So I know them very well, and of course they are very good players. You know, until the tournament finishes tomorrow, no one knows who is going to win. So I'm just going to try my best on every shot.

Q. Do you go in trying to play aggressive, because right now, you're within four strokes of the lead; do you go in trying to play aggressive or stay within your own game?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think what I did today was good, and I'm just going to stick on my game.
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