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June 12, 2015

Stacy Lewis


Q. Sum up your day.
STACY LEWIS: It was a bit of a struggle but it was really good. After about five or six holes, I realized how hard this golf course is going to play today. I knew I just needed to hang in there. If I could sum up the day, it's just I hung in there.

Q. That kind of comes with major championships. Do you have to remind yourself when you're in majors that it's hard for everyone, so don't get too upset when things happen?
STACY LEWIS: Today you did. I think the officials didn't quite like the 7-under they saw yesterday, so the golf course was set up a lot tougher and it played more like I thought it would play this week. I think we all got out there yesterday and saw some of the hole locations and you could fire away. So it was just play harder today and it played more like a major, which I like.

Q. The leaderboard has marquee names on it, does it make it more fun for you --
STACY LEWIS: I love just the variety of people we have on the. Yeah, I love just the variety of people we have on the leaderboard. You've got Karrie who is 40 and then you've got a bunch of 17-year-olds chasing her and I'm somewhere in the middle. It's pretty cool to see just how the game of golf is ageless, really, and you know, we'll see if experience hopefully plays out for myself and Karrie on the weekend.

Q. How good is it just from an emotional standpoint, big event and big players --
STACY LEWIS: I think the most important thing is we're on a hard golf course and on a golf course like this, your best players are going to rise to the top. Being on NBC this weekend is going to be huge for us, and the best part is we've got our best players playing well. So you really couldn't ask for more. But the golf course really sets up to have a leaderboard like we have.

Q. Speaking of the course setup, how is it starting on a par 3, a unique way to start a tournament?
STACY LEWIS: It is. It's a little different starting with a par 3. But just kind of think of it as a restart like you're going back out to finish from a rain delay. We have done that at the British before, so it's not really anything new, but it is a little bit different.

Q. Jack Nicklaus used to say that he knew a number of players would sort of count themselves out before a major even began because of difficulty. Do you feel like your mind-set and enjoying this type of golf, it puts you in a similar type of situation?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I think the way I can think my way around a golf course -- Karrie and I saw the golf course last Sunday together for the first time, and so I love playing practice rounds with her, because she's really good at thinking her way around. We kind of scoped out the golf course together and we both really think our way around the course. So I feel like just with the way of knowing when to be aggressive and knowing when not to on golf courses like this, that's how you win on them.

Q. What's the biggest takeaway you can take from the first two days?
STACY LEWIS: That I have not played my best golf yet. I'm just a couple back of the lead and I feel like I have some even better golf in me. I really like where I am right now.

Q. Being just two shots back, what is it going to take to get over the hump and get to the top?
STACY LEWIS: I think I just need to play the par 5s a little bit better. Kind of left myself in some tricky spots with my second shots today to get up-and-down. You know, hitting it in the right places, even on the par 5s, and making birdies there, you've got to birdie those out here.

Q. Can you imagine what Brooke is doing out here, 17, not even a full tour member yet?
STACY LEWIS: I mean, it's impressive. But you look at Lydia was two years younger when she did it. Lydia kind of changed everything. She changed the way I think Brooke and Charley they even think. They are like, wow, I'm two years older than Lydia was when she won her first tournament. It's impressive. But Lydia kind of set the bar pretty high.

Q. How dastardly was the hole location on No. 8 today?
STACY LEWIS: No. 8 wasn't too bad if you hit it in the middle of the green. But there's a couple hole locations that just kind of bait you and think you can get it close. You've got to play some smart golf. There are some places for birdies, but you have to hit good shots.
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