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June 12, 2015

Jenny Shin


Q. Bit of an up-and-down round but you're still right there. How did you feel out there?
JENNY SHIN: I was mentally struggling. Being up in the lead, leaderboard, it's been a while, especially being first place after the first day. You always have that thought in your head, like, can I do this, can I keep the lead. But I guess they didn't like my 7-under par yesterday. The pins are so much tougher today. I tried my best to shoot under par but I didn't get to do that. So a little disappointed but I'm glad I'm still in the top 5.

Q. You said yesterday, you were really anxious before your opening round. How did you feel going out there today?
JENNY SHIN: I felt okay. But it got worse when I started to make a bunch of bogeys. I tried. I wanted to shoot under par and try to get away from everybody as much as possible and do the Jordan Spieth and win by like ten shots. But I was so frustrated, and I think that's one of the reasons why I made so many bogeys.

Q. How do you try to calm your nerves being in this position after not being there for a while?
JENNY SHIN: How? I try to do the best I can. Just do my routines. Just keep doing what I've been doing, and that's really all I could do.

Q. When things are not going your way as they were today, are you still looking at the leaderboard?
JENNY SHIN: No. I tried not to but it was so close to the green that I just kind of skimmed it. I know it was a tough day for everybody, so I didn't worry about it too much. I just wanted to get away. But just too tough today.

Q. The scores are significantly lower today. What's different about the course today?
JENNY SHIN: It seems like the pins are tucked a lot closer to the bunkers, closer to places where you can't miss. I played the Pro-Am on Tuesday and one of the members told me the Sunday pins, like the hardest pins on each hole, and those showed up today and I was really shocked. I thought those were going to show up on Sunday. I saw really hard pins there. I think No. 8, I can't see the average score being higher than par -- sorry, lower than par. It's so tough. My whole group made bogey today. The wind is the opposite direction than yesterday, and that also made it tougher. They moved the tees back to where it used to be in the practice round, because they moved a couple tees up yesterday.

Q. Did it have a U.S. Open-feel today?
JENNY SHIN: It did. And also because it's run by the PGA a little bit, so it's a different feel. It's not like the LPGA, like a regular LPGA, so much like the U.S. Open feeling.

Q. You're still well placed. How do you feel going into tomorrow?
JENNY SHIN: I'm not sure. I'm really not sure. Maybe I'll find out tonight. But I'm going to hit some more shots and work on my putting today. See what didn't work today and hopefully I can improve for tomorrow.
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