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June 11, 2015

Stephen Curry

Andre Iguodala


Golden State テや 103
Cavaliers テや 82

Q.テつ I have a question for each of you.テつ Andre, what was the my arm is broken thing about?テつ And, Steph, what does Andre mean to this team?

ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ It\'s more that goes into the game than people realize.テつ Like not being able to sleep and get in your normal routine.テつ You can\'t take naps.テつ It\'s like everything, every emotion, every thought, like everything, physical, mental, psychological, everything is thrown into the game.

It\'s just so‑‑ like my brain is like fried.テつ But it\'s like we understand the commitment and sacrifice we have to make.テつ So it was just a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the moment.テつ As soon as you get back to the line and shoot the free throws, you\'re right back into just grinding, grinding, grinding, trying to get a win.

Q.テつ I have two quick questions for you guys.テつ Coach Kerr said that you, Andre, are being the best player of the series.テつ Steph, you seemed to play Dellavedova very physical tonight.テつ Was that part of your new game plan, to battle him?

STEPHEN CURRY:テつ We want to make it as tough on him as possible.テつ He obviously has a game plan for his defense on us to try to get into you and do whatever he can to try to make you uncomfortable, so you\'re going to do it back to him and make him work on the offensive end.

Because he obviously had some pivotal shots in game‑‑ or a pivotal shot in Game 3 that helped them get the win.テつ So if you try to make him uncomfortable the whole game, you might wear him down and get into that battle a little more.テつ So I think it worked.

ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ As far as the series, I think it\'s just about playing the game the right way, and our team has been really good at just letting it flow, and whoever\'s night it is, that is the guy\'s night.テつ But the majority of the time it\'s Steph just because he is who he is and he\'s going to do that no matter where he\'s at.

And Klay is huge for us too.テつ But Klay was 4‑for‑9 tonight, and it didn\'t look like he had a great game, but he played the perfect game as far as making guys guard him every possession, drawing two guys on him, and that opens it up for everybody else.

As we get older and mature and play this game, great players like that understand maybe it\'s not my night, but someone else is going to have a huge game because of me.

Myself, Draymond, Harrison, Shaun Livingston, Barbosa were able to see openings and do things because these two guys draw so much attention.

STEPHEN CURRY:テつ And to answer your question, he pretty much embodies what he just talked about, always being ready.テつ I think he likes the challenge of his match‑up, and especially in this series and throughout the course of the season.テつ Or each game no matter what he\'s asked to do, being ready to do it.テつ Confidence in knocking down his shots when he\'s open, making plays.

And we know his knack for just being impactful on the defensive end, whether it\'s playing one‑on‑one defense, getting steals, rebounds, blocking shots, he does it all.テつ So it showed tonight and a huge reason why we\'re 2‑2 going home.

Q.テつ What was your reaction when Kerr told you guys he was starting the small lineup?テつ What did you think it did for you and what does it tell you when your coach has made two major moves in Game 4s, you\'re down 2‑1, and you\'re able to turn the corner and get to 2‑2?

STEPHEN CURRY:テつ I think it‑‑ I mean, it made sense when he told us just because we\'ve been getting off to such slow starts.テつ When we have that lineup out there in parts of the game, we were able to turn defensive stops into transition and just pick the tempo and the pace of the game up.

And if we can do that from the jump, we thought we\'d put some pressure on them and not let them be so comfortable with the lead like they\'ve had the last couple games.

Obviously, they jumped out to a 7‑0 run, but we settled in and played that first quarter, I think, pretty aggressively on both ends of the floor.テつ Gave them a different look, and I think it worked.

So he mentioned, obviously, just because we started that lineup tonight doesn\'t mean you can just go out there and expect to have the same results in Game 5.テつ We have to actually do something about it and execute the game plan with whoever\'s out there.テつ So we\'ve got to be ready for any adjustment we\'re going to make.

Q.テつ What does it tell you to have your coach make successful adjustments in the middle of the series?

STEPHEN CURRY:テつ Not afraid to take a chance, and obviously it\'s not a blind guess.テつ He\'s obviously invested in our team and a smart coach that is willing to, like you said, make adjustments to help us be in a better position to win a game.

We still need Bogut to be productive when he gets on the floor, and he\'s obviously going to play minutes and have an impact throughout the rest of the series, so we want to make sure he\'s still locked in.テつ I know he will be.

But Coach manages all that really well.テつ You\'ve got to take a chance, I think, with the situation that we were in tonight.

Q. テつFor either of you, no team in the history of the NBA Finals has come back from a 3‑1 deficit.テつ Were you aware of that?テつ Is that something you talked about?テつ What does that say about how big this win was for you tonight?

ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ We didn\'t talk about that at all.テつ We have a very competitive group, guys with a lot of pride and guys who really want to embrace the moment.テつ Our focus is the next game we\'ve got to win.テつ Every playoff game is like a precious moment.テつ Every possession, every timeout.テつ You\'ve got to be locked in.テつ You\'ve got to pay attention, any adjustments.

We\'re just really‑‑ I think both teams are‑‑ really trying to do whatever it takes to win.テつ So we\'re taking it one game at a time saying we\'ve got to win no matter what it is.テつ If we\'re up 3‑0, we\'ve got to win Game 4.テつ That is just the mindset that we have.

Q.テつ Andre, can you talk specifically about what you tried to do defensively against LeBron?テつ Did you get a little bit more help than you guys have been giving on him?テつ Also, do you think you\'re wearing him down?

ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ We\'ve got a lot of great players in this league that can score the ball in bunches.テつ You know, it\'s like 10 or 15 guys in this league.テつ I\'ve had a chance to guard all of them.テつ I\'ve been doing it for a long time.

The thing that makes him dynamic is he\'s probably one of the smartest and best passer out of all the scorers, which really makes him dynamic.

But the foundation is the same.テつ Make him work as hard as possible.テつ Make him take tough shots. テつYou look at his strengths, his weaknesses, which way he wants to go, which way he prefers to play, and you try to just take him out of his comfort zone.テつ Sounds easier said than done, but we all have a lot of talent on the court, and when we go out there, we want to make our stamp on the game.

Q.テつ Was this the first game where you guys really felt like yourselves and felt more comfortable?テつ And if so, why was that?

STEPHEN CURRY:テつ For a total of 48 minutes, definitely, since Game 1.テつ We\'ve had spurts where, obviously, the last quarter in Game 3, the last 3:00 minutes of Game 2 we got to our identity, but it was a little too late.

Tonight we came in with the mentality that, obviously, like we were saying, we had to win this game.テつ It was about effort and consistent effort every possession.テつ It\'s obviously not perfect.テつ We still can play a little bit better, I think.テつ But the effort was at a level that it erased some of those mistakes and we just battled from the start.

So we gave ourselves a shot, and shots go in.テつ Everybody starts to feel good.テつ You pick up some momentum, and you get a big road win.

Q.テつ In the third quarter the Cavs were able to catch up with a deficit.テつ You were down to 2, 3 points.テつ What kind of adjustments were you able to do at that point?

STEPHEN CURRY:テつ I was kind of at fault for a lot of that.テつ I had two turnovers in transition, where you can\'t have that and you give them extra possessions.テつ Once we settled down, Coach got into us during the timeout and challenged us to answer their run, which we knew they were going to make.

We weren\'t going to run away with the game at halftime.テつ We knew we would really have to put together a solid effort in the second half to withstand the run that they were going to have, and that was a good calling card moment for us.

H.B. comes out of the timeout and knocks down the three.テつ We close out the last three minutes strong, and have a six‑point lead going into the fourth quarter, and the rest is kind of history.テつ Just our effort in the fourth quarter knowing it was winning time.テつ I don\'t know if there was a specific adjustment other than just playing smarter and keeping our composure.

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