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June 11, 2015

Jane Rah


Q. Can you talk us through it this how did it go out there?
JANE RAH: I just hit it really well. I gave myself lots of chances and I just played smart out there. Just went for a lot of the middle of the greens, so I didn't put myself in trouble.

Q. The conditions, seems like it's starting to blow a little bit. How was it early in the morning?
JANE RAH: Pretty calm and just walking up 18 I think was the biggest breeze we felt. So I'm glad I'm done.

Q. How do you feel placed at 3-under?
JANE RAH: I think it's good. I feel good about my round. I did all I could out there.

Q. Overall, how has this experience been overall in Westchester?
JANE RAH: This is amazing. This is such a great facility, such great history, and it's nice to be in a big city like New York City. There's just so much to do, so it's fun.

Q. Have you been able to spend some time in the city?
JANE RAH: Yeah, definitely. Went to a Yankees game and I've also gone to a Mets game. I was there at the no-hitter, when the Giants had the no-hitter, so that was a lot of fun.

Q. How was that?
JANE RAH: Probably until the seventh inning, I didn't even realize it was a no-hitter. So it was really exciting the last two inning, just knowing that every pitch counted.

Q. Are you going to stay in New York for a little bit afterwards?
JANE RAH: No, ready to go back home to California. I've been out on the road for a few months. I just did all my New York stuff at the beginning of the week.

Q. Coming into this tournament, anything you've been working on lately?
JANE RAH: I think the last two weeks, we had a three-week stretch, and I didn't score as well but I gave myself a lot of chances. I think today I just eliminated a lot of the bogeys, which just helped with my score.
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