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June 11, 2015

Brian Davis


Q.  Brian, nicely done today, five birdies, no bogies.  Any thoughts on how you played today?  Really a good round.
BRIAN DAVIS:  Tee to green was really good.  It's been really bad this year.  I had a couple of Top-10s.  Apart from that, to my standards it's been disgusting.  I came out today, and I've been working hard this week and just felt good and run with it.  I hit the ball really good today.  You know, I putted decent but could have made a couple more coming in and really shot low.  Obviously delighted to get off to a good start.

Q.  Ones at 14 and 16 were inside 10 feet.  You gave it a good look.  Wouldn't go.
BRIAN DAVIS:  Same as 18.  Fell in love with the line.  Didn't hit it hard enough.  I'll take 5-under any day.

Q.  I saw your record recently, some of the missed cuts, the WDs, and you say it's not been going well.  Is there any particular reason why it hasn't gone well?
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yeah, I've been putting Band-Aids on it for many years.  I start -- I've been working with a couple other coaches to work on different things with my body rather than just the golf swing, just my body, which even though I've been at this game a long time, you learn a few things about the way the body works and how that relates to a golf swing.  It's been quite good.  Also taking that and going back to standard things that I've done for 20 years.  Good or bad, I know what the ball is doing.  I'm trying to get a mix of that, and I've been a little bit in the wilderness lately.

Q.  Good stuff today, good luck tomorrow.
BRIAN DAVIS:  Thank you.

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