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June 10, 2015

Stephen Curry

Andre Iguodala


Q.テつ How similar is this situation to what you faced against Memphis?テつ And between Games 3 and 4 in Memphis, you went golfing.テつ Are there any golf plans for you today?テつ What are you doing to kind of get back to where you need to be?
ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ We had to come in today, so it kind of ruined our day.テつ Whereas in Memphis, we didn't have media obligations, so we had time to plan our day as we would like.テつ So it's going to be dark by the time we get out of here.

Q.テつ Could you answer the similarities to the situations?
STEPH CURRY:テつ We're down 2‑1 on the road.テつ Same sequence of games.テつ Win‑loss‑loss, so very similar situations, obviously a different team.テつ So you've got to adjust accordingly.
But the mission is we've got to win Game 4.テつ Go home with an even series and take it from there.テつ We'll figure out our game and the adjustments we need to make as we watch film later today, and we'll be ready tomorrow to give our best effort.
That's all we can control.テつ I feel like we're pretty confident we can turn this around.

Q.テつ Steph, Coach Kerr said last night that during the first half you didn't lack confidence, you lacked probably energy or even life.テつ What do you do to bounce back from that if you felt like that?
STEPH CURRY:テつ I mean, I felt like I was engaged and aggressive to start the game, just obviously didn't show stat‑wise or the impact that I had on the game.テつ But that's something that I'll look at as I watch the film.テつ I haven't watched the game yet, just to see how my body language was and all that.
But for the most part I felt pretty confident going into the game.テつ I found a rhythm as the game went on, so I'll hopefully bottle up that second half and be ready to go to start the game on Game 4.

Q.テつ David was talking about the pick‑and‑roll in the fourth quarter.テつ Is that something you guys have run thousands of times before together?テつ Did it feel so natural for you, like this is something you've been doing with him two years ago, three years ago?テつ Was it just like that?テつ And what did it mean for you to have David out there running that play for you?
STEPH CURRY:テつ It was a big bonus for us.テつ Going into the game Coach mentioned he would have an impact and get some minutes and show what he could do to help us get a win.テつ When he came out, it definitely felt normal and natural.
Like you said, it's the situation we've been in the last three years, four years.テつ I trust him to make plays when they come off the pick‑and‑roll and I'm double teamed and throw it to him.テつ He's got a great skill set to put it on the floor, survey the floor, figure out what the best option is or even finish at the rim.
So I'm sure he'll have a huge impact on Game 4 and get a lot of minutes to come out and help our team.テつ That's something that it's impressive, for him to play certain games and not play certain games but still come in and have an attitude that he's ready to play.
So we needed that, and we'll need that going forward.

Q.テつ It seemed like in the first half you're getting blitzed on pick‑and‑roll and you were passing the guys that were open and it wasn't resulting in points.テつ Do you feel like you were playing the right way?テつ Do you feel like you need to just keep playing that way going forward?
STEPHEN CURRY:テつ I mean, you always make the right basketball play in the situation, trying to make the simple play, which is something we've preached all year.テつ I mean, look, we haven't made many shots the last two games as a team, up until the fourth quarter last night.
We're a confident group.テつ I have 100 percent trust and faith in every single one of my teammates to make the right play, and they have the same faith in me.テつ So I don't second‑guess those decisions at all.テつ We live and die with the results of how we play our offense.テつ So we have to be better, obviously.テつ We can't come in after every game and say we missed open shots.テつ We've got to start making them and start playing better as a group.
But we're going to keep playing the same way and just got to play harder, got to play more aggressive and make it happen.

Q.テつ People always talk about the confidence an individual player gets when he sees the ball go in a little bit.テつ Do you see that happen with your team when you start making shots that maybe the energy picks up and maybe there is kind of a downward feeling when it's not going in for you that changes totally when it does starting to in?
STEPH CURRY:テつ I've always been challenged my whole career not to let made or missed shots affect what else you do on the floor.テつ It's not a good trait for any basketball player to kind of have your game reflect whether you're making or missing shots.テつ But it does help to see shots go in, and you start to build a rhythm and build momentum.テつ I think everybody feeds off seeing the ball go in the basket and you start to feel better about yourself.テつ I think your confidence rises for sure.
If for some reason is doesn't go that way, we still have to find a way to impact the game and not let that affect your defense, not let it affect our body language, not let it affect just our activity level on the floor.テつ And that is the challenge, especially in the playoff series or Finals series like this where every possession matters.

Q.テつ Andre, LeBron's averaging 47 minutes a game in the series.テつ What affect are you noticing that it's having on him late in the games?
ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ Well, it hasn't affected him in a negative way being that they're up 2‑1.テつ I think he's doing a good job of being smart when he's choosing his attack points and when he's trying to conserve energy.テつ He's playing inside, outside, trying to get to the line, mixing it up a little bit.テつ He's trying to work it to his advantage.
But from our perspective, we're trying to do the same things.テつ Keep throwing bodies at him.テつ He might make some tough shots early.テつ Don't let that affect how aggressive we are, or not letting him get easy looks and just try to wear him down.テつ Hopefully it will swing our way.

Q.テつ Your stature in the league as MVP versus the guy you're being primarily defended by in the Cavs, an undrafted second‑year player, there is a perception out there that you should be handling that match‑up.テつ Do you ever let that individual match‑up get into your mind throughout the course of the series so far?
STEPH CURRY:テつ No.テつ He's an NBA player.テつ He's here for a reason, so there is a reason he's able to impact the game for them.テつ He's made some plays the last couple games that helped them win games.テつ So there is no discrediting him as a player just because of where he's come from and his background.
But I don't overreact to one bad game, like Game 2.テつ I challenge myself.テつ I do have to play better and play more consistent and do more to help our team win, so that's all I'm really worried about.テつ Doesn't matter who I'm matched up against or what the narrative is or what's being said outside of our locker room.
So I know his strengths, his weaknesses, and he knows mine.テつ We're going to keep battling, and hopefully I'll get the best of him over seven games and we'll work that out.

Q.テつ Draymond said that he put himself in the conversation as well, he said the whole team isn't fighting hard enough.テつ Do you agree?
ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ Well, I think Draymond is a very outspoken player, and he does a great job of just drawing any type of energy or any type of motivation from any situation, and losing can motivate you.テつ So I wouldn't say we're not fighting, but we could fight more.テつ So I can agree and disagree with the statement or I don't know how you received it, so I don't know how he said it.
But we've definitely got to fight a little bit harder, and being down 2‑1, you've got to pull some extra stuff up out of you to try to get a win next game.

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