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May 26, 2005

Jose Filipe Lima


Q. Well, that was a spectacular round out there.

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Yeah, strange round because I wake up this morning with a big pain on the back and the physio guys do good work for that. Just a little pain on the course, but good and everything is going perfect.

Q. The pain in the back, what's been the problem there?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Yesterday in the practice round, I hit one drive and too much strong, and I had this little pain there. And this morning when I wake up and don't move nothing, I'm like, not today. I went to the physio guys and had some massage and everything.

Q. Is it muscular?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Yes, muscle.

Q. Have you pulled a muscle or something?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Yes, and that's there on the course, everything is going perfect. Very good round for me. Very happy.

Q. You started off with a bogey, so it wasn't the best of starts, but you really got it going after that. Can you talk us through your round a little bit?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Yeah, first was difficult. Then after I hit a few shots just right of the flag, on the third and the fourth, and I had. After, all of the birdies, like good shots, good shots and good putts after.

Q. You're joint leader of the biggest event on the European Tour, how does that feel at the moment?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Strange, I've been thinking about that this morning, but now I'm happy that I have to continue, because the tournament is long and I have to continue my game like that. It's perfect.

Q. How does it feel when you're sitting on top of the leaderboard and you're looking down on all of the great names behind you?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Nothing. Just, yeah, I'm happy to shoot 5 under, Sunday, my name is on top, it's very good.

Q. The past few years here, Scott Drummond won it in his rookie year and others; how would that feel to follow in the tradition?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: I know, because last year, Scott Drummond won and he's a rookie, so why not me this year. I'm playing very good these last weeks, and I hope so.

Q. Your performance when you won previously and also in Portugal this year, you're often up there challenging; are you feeling confident going into the next three rounds?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Yeah, because I'm playing very strong this winter with my coach. My coach is here today. He's a French coach, and my swing is very strong this time. I think it's good for me this week.

Q. Even though you've changed nationality to Portuguese, you're still sticking with a French coach?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Yes, of course everything is French. My sponsor is French and my house is in France. I still live in Versailles. Nothing has changed, just my both French and Portuguese.

Q. What was the decision behind that change of nationality?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Thinking about that seven years ago, but it's difficult to play in Portugal when you are an amateur. When I won the event last year, I had the money to go to the Portuguese Federation. And I go because it's all of my family is there and my parents live there, and I am alone in France. And I think they have a few good players in France and we need one for Portugal. I think I tried to help the Portugal golf.

Q. Do you have ambitions to represent Portugal, for example, in the World Cup?


Q. Was that one of the conditions?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: And play good in this tournament and play good in the Portuguese tournament, and I want to play in the World Championships with my partner.

Q. Can you just give me the details of your round, as well?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Bogey on 3. I hit driver on the left, and a 5 iron in the bunker on the left. Good shot, but missed the putt, three meters.

5, I hit a perfect shot with a 6 iron, but too long, about eight meters.

Bogey on the 6th. I have two meters for birdie and I missed, 3 putts.

7, bad shot on the tee on the left in the rough, 3 wood. From there perfect shot with a 7 iron about one meter in the rough.

8, 4 iron, perfect.

9 iron on the green about six meters.

No. 12, the par 5, very strong drive. It was a perfect shot with a 5 iron straight at the flag. It was about seven meters, two putts.

13, I hit very good 3 wood in the middle, 9 iron about two meters, just straight at the flag.

16, 5 wood in the middle, 54 degree sand wedge about three meters on the left.

18, I hit a monster drive, 6 iron just on the green, and two putts about ten meters.

Q. A lot of shots with 3 wood, 5 wood, 4 iron.

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Normally I'm a long player and this is a small course, and you have to hit the ball perfect on the fairway.

Q. Does that suit your game at all? Do you like plotting your way around the course?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: I like it. I'm a big hitter, I like to be a strong driver because my swing is more, good rhythm with the pins. And the drive only on the 18th, I tried to hit strong, but here it's perfect with small shots.

Q. How is the putting for you and the back feeling now? Any effects?

JOSE FILIPE LIMA: Yeah, I have to go because I have a little more pain and I have to go to massage and everything and hope tomorrow feeling better.

End of FastScripts.

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