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May 26, 2015

Joao Sousa


J. SOUSA/V. Pospisil
6-3, 7-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. You're playing Murray next. How do you feel about that?
JOAO SOUSA: Yeah, good. I prefer to play -- about my match today. But, I mean, I think I played a great match today, so I'm really happy to be in the second round. I have been playing good tennis, so I feel confident for the match with Andy. I hope to play well and keep the level that I have been playing, so I hope that's gonna be a great match.

Q. How much of a help will it be for you in preparation that it's on clay for the first time against him? You obviously play well on this surface.
JOAO SOUSA: Yeah. As I said, I think I have been playing a good level of tennis, and I feel confidence for the match with Andy. I played him many times. Never on clay. Yeah, I'm going to prepare as best I can to make a good preparation, to make a good match.

Q. Spoke to you in Australia and again in Dubai. What has happened in your career since then? Any changes?
JOAO SOUSA: Well, no, I think I have been working hard to improve my game. And I think I'm an experienced player, more experienced. So as I said, I have been playing good tennis and I feel confidence from last time we saw each other. It's a long time, so I have been working hard to be a better player.

Q. The security issue that was brought up by Roger the other day, have you got any thoughts on that? Do you feel at all vulnerable out on court? Has that ever been an issue before?
JOAO SOUSA: Well, yeah, I think Roger has -- it's right. I think we have to feel protected. So that kind of things, I think, they cannot happen on this level, you know. Roger is a celebrity, and I think a lot of people want a picture or a sign from him. But, I mean, these kind of things, I think they should not happen.

Q. You had a good week last week. Some players say it's wiser not to play the week before a Grand Slam. Other players say it can generate good form. You clearly think the latter, do you?
JOAO SOUSA: Yeah, I do.

Q. Could you just talk to us about last week?
JOAO SOUSA: Well, last week was a good week for me. As I said, I have played great matches against great players, great victories. I'm really happy that I played another final in my career. Unfortunately I could not win another title. But I think it was very good for me. I'm in shape. I have a lot of matches and rhythm. I'm the ones who like to play before a Grand Slam.

Q. Do you generally prefer playing best-of-five sets or best of three?
JOAO SOUSA: Well, I mean, for me it's almost the same. I think I'm fit. I never cramped, so maybe it's one first time for everything, but I feel -- no, I feel comfortable. I feel comfortable playing in five sets. That's not a problem for me.

Q. When you play the bigger players, the top 10 players, is it to their advantage if it's five sets, do you think?
JOAO SOUSA: Yeah. I think it's an advantage for them, yeah. Yeah, they cannot make so many mistakes when it's three sets. Yeah, I mean, I feel good playing in five sets. It's okay.

Q. Is it any advantage for Andy to have an extra day off? He obviously played yesterday.
JOAO SOUSA: Well, yeah, he has -- I don't think that he had a really, really tough match. Of course, it's the first round. You know, you are not used to the conditions, but I don't think he had a very tough match. So I think with one day he was exactly the same as two.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. I'm working in Luxembourg. There is a large Portuguese community in Luxembourg. Do you know Luxembourg?

Q. How do you feel at Roland Garros? What do you want to do this year at Roland Garros?
JOAO SOUSA: I'm very happy to be here today, so I have had a good match today against Vasek Pospisil, so I'm delighted to get through. I'm full of confidence for the next round against Andy Murray.

Q. It's the second time that you have advanced to the second round at Roland Garros, but can you see far ahead? What do you think of that?
JOAO SOUSA: My approach is match after match. I don't see far ahead. But I knew that I am to play against Andy Murray. I thought about it to a certain extent, so I need to get prepared, and I hope that match against Andy will be a good match.
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