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May 26, 2015

Petra Kvitova


P. KVITOVA/M. Erakovic
6-4, 3-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Probably a sigh of relief after that win, but can you talk about the match a little bit and how you found the conditions today?
PETRA KVITOVA: I have to say the conditions wasn't really easy for me. I think it was quite cold and the balls are really heavy, and they didn't really fly. For me it was really difficult, you know, to go for the shots. It was tough to make any winners or, you know, ace from the serve or something like that. It was very difficult today. It was quite a long match, big fight. Sometimes I couldn't win my serve. So it was a little bit difficult. But that's how it is in the first round of Grand Slams. I'm just glad I'm still in and still playing.

Q. This is the third time you encounter with her go to three sets. Happened on all surfaces. How do you see her different from other opponents?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think she can really hit the ball well. She can really change the rhythm, and it's not easy with her slice, which is really close to the net, so you really have to be ready for every shot what's she's playing. I think she didn't miss so much, always some good rallies. It was really difficult. She's really smart player with a good touch. So, yeah, I knew it's gonna be difficult. I played her last time here, as well, and it was two sets. But, anyway, every match is different. I'm just glad that I won.

Q. How much does your game sort of rely on the conditions? If it's a cool, cloudy day in Paris, do you think to yourself, okay, I'm going to have to work harder today because of how you play?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, of course. I prefer a little bit different conditions than are here, especially the balls I think, as I said, is not flying that much. So for me it's much more difficult and it's more work. But that's how it is. I think the conditions are for everybody same, and I have to work on everything what I can do in that moment. So I think, you know, I need to count, winners will not come easily, I need to stay patient in the rally and wait for the good shot. I mean, I didn't play well today, and that's why probably was really difficult. Yeah, I don't know what I can say more (smiling). I think that's it.

Q. Many of the players have said that when they have been practicing on Chatrier or if they have been playing on Chatrier that the conditions feel heavier this year compared to maybe in the years past. I'm wondering what your thought is on that.
PETRA KVITOVA: I find Chatrier a little bit heavier, as well. I think the court are a little bit softer, if I can say, like more clay. It's tough to slide there, for sure. I think it's like -- it's more wet probably than I remember from last year when I played Kuznetsova there. But as well that year when I played her was much more warmer. So it's everything connected, for sure. Yeah, Chatrier, anyway, it's a beautiful court. It's a huge stadium. Was nice to play there, for sure. Luckily I had a warmup there, so I a little bit knew what I should expect.

Q. And the balls that are used here at the French Open, those are different than the ones you have been playing with before. It's heavier than Madrid and Rome?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, for sure it's heavier. It's tough to compare with Madrid, because the conditions are a little bit different. With Rome I think that this one are more heavier, as well.

Q. You have been using the hashtag Petra in Paris with your tweets so far. What do you like about Paris? What is the one photo that you want to hashtag with that that you will be able to do before the tournament is over?
PETRA KVITOVA: Of course, I'm here because of the tennis, so that's my preference right now. You know, normally what we are doing in the tournament, doesn't matter where I am, some dinner, some fun. This is special, it is Grand Slam. But it's not really time to do something else. But I saw a little bit already of Paris, not this year but past years, and I'm not really sure. I'm just focusing on tennis now.

Q. At Wimbledon you said that you like Wimbledon Village because it's calm and the tournament is calm, as well. That suits your character, your personality. So with Paris, does it feel calm to you? Does it feel busy? Probably not as much as New York...
PETRA KVITOVA: That's what I want to say. For sure, it's much more calmer than in USA, but not as much as Wimbledon, of course. But, I mean, I don't feel like badly here. We have apartment nearby the Champs-√Člys√©es, it's very quiet over there and it's easy. Yeah, I think it's good. I don't have really any trouble with that.

Q. After you won Wimbledon the first time and became such a big star, especially being from a smaller country, where did the pressure feel like it was coming from? Was it coming from the press, you feel, or from the public, or was it more just from within?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think everything what you said. I think, of course, the press was more focusing on myself, the people was expecting more. Me, as a person, I thought it's going to be good, as well, but it wasn't. So it was pressure as well from myself. Then, you know, it took me a while to get used to all these things. I was more use for more activity, sponsors, and the medias and TVs and everything. So I think it really has to find the balance between everything and it was really difficult. I'm glad -- I hope that I already find it (smiling).

Q. Were you surprised at how famous you became at home, how fast that change happened, especially in the Czech Republic?
PETRA KVITOVA: It changed quickly, because of course it was my first big win, Wimbledon. It's nothing really more. Yeah, it was very quickly. And as I said, it took me a while to get used to, and still I'm happy if I can close the door of my apartment (smiling).
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