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May 26, 2015

Pauline Parmentier


6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Hello, Pauline. The years follow each other and they're not necessarily alike. What was missing today?
PAULINE PARMENTIER: Well, I played a player who is playing very well on clay and she gave me a hard time. I think our game play is more or less the same, but she controlled things and was able to make me run around. I just lost control, I was too far, and she managed to dominate. I think I should have been more aggressive, a little bit like I started. I should have stayed that way throughout the entire match. That's what happened. That's what was missing today.

Q. Hi. Before the match you said you did not want to put too much pressure on your shoulders after last year. How much pressure was there?
PAULINE PARMENTIER: Well, everybody talks about it. Everybody talks, and there is always pressure. When you play at Roland Garros there is pressure, because this is a different place. Roland Garros is not like other tournaments. So of course the weeks leading up to Roland Garros I was thinking about it. There were a lot of things I had to defend here. Since I arrived, I was able not to think about things too much and focus on other things. What can I tell you? What happened, happened. I have other things ahead of me. There are new tournaments, tournaments every week, and all I want to do is play well and be consistent. I have no injuries. There was one year when I was injured. That's not the case right now. So I'm not panicking, you know, because I may not be in the top 100. I had one great Roland Garros in my life. Not everybody can have that claim to fame.

Q. The fact that your ranking may change, will it have an impact on your next tournaments?
PAULINE PARMENTIER: No. Well, my summer program may change a little bit depending on the next results. But generally we sign up for tournaments six weeks ahead. So I have some great tournaments ahead of me, and there is Wimbledon. This is not a disaster. There are things that are so much worse.

Q. Just coming back to the match, there were a lot of advantages. Some games were very tight. You said she was dominating.
PAULINE PARMENTIER: Yes, I gave her a few points where she didn't have too much play. I think she was more solid throughout the match and she was more consistent and able to make the difference on important points. Sometimes I felt my game was good, it was aggressive, I felt good, and then I just gave away easy points. When you play someone like her, I mean, she doesn't miss anything. So I knew what to expect.

Q. Hi. What do you think about tennis, women's tennis in France with Marion Bartoli leaving? Do you think we have reason to be optimistic? Do you think we're going through a period of transition?
PAULINE PARMENTIER: We've talked about this a thousand times. I don't know what to tell you. I think we had a wonderful generation, the 1979 generation which left, and that hurt women's tennis in France. Then Marion won Wimbledon and then she retired. Then there is Alize and other players. They are the young generation. They are very promising. They have good results. It may not be enough for you. I don't know. Maybe you need more. Yes, there will be other generations. Right now there are not that many, you know, good women tennis players in France. Same thing is true for the men. I think we always talk about women's tennis. It's not just that we should be talking about.
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