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May 26, 2015

Madison Keys


M. KEYS/V. Lepchenko
7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I think you said this was your goal, to win first round. How does that feel, especially on the red stuff?
MADISON KEYS: You know, just really happy to get through the first round. I've only done it one other time before. Just really happy with how I played today and fought. Hopefully can just kind of get a momentum going.

Q. What's been the trickiest part for you on the red stuff? Charleston was a good event and you seemed pretty comfortable and you haven't seemed as comfortable since. Has it been other factors? Has it been the surface? Is it a lot of things?
MADISON KEYS: I mean, I think green and red clay are different. Green clay is much faster, and I've also played on could green clay for a long time; haven't so much red clay. I think it's just slowly getting more comfortable with it. I think every year I get a little bit more comfortable and I get a little bit better. Doesn't always show up in results, but definitely it's a long process.

Q. Is Paris the tournament you have to pay attention to conditions the most? You come out on like a damp and colder day, do you know that you're going to have to work a little bit harder to hit throughout court and that kind of thing?
MADISON KEYS: Yeah, for sure. Even just in the same match it can go from heavier damp conditions to all of a sudden the sun is out and it's faster. I think you kind of just have to be prepared for whatever. You definitely have to be checking each morning how the day is going to go.

Q. Kind of a halfway point I think at this point with Lindsay, and she's here with you this week. You guys were hitting together even. How do you feel like the relationship has been going? I know it's been a team efforts is with Jon and Lisa chipping in, too.
MADISON KEYS: Yeah, I don't think everyone understands it all the time. It's kind of a lot of different moving parts. Lindsay and Jon are both here this week and it's great. Both of them are amazing. Having Lisa, who 1000% even when she's not here, is still texting and talking. You know, instead of one coach, I kind of have three. (Smiling.)

Q. How is your health? I don't know if it's your elbow or arm that's wrapped a little bit. What is that, and how are you feeling in general?
MADISON KEYS: Well, I had to pull out of Strasbourg. It was just from the match before. It was really long. It was cold. My forearm just really tightened up on me. It's a lot better. It's more precautionary now. And then since I'm superstitious, even if it's totally fine I'll continue to tape it.

Q. So the tape is just like to reduce stress on it or shock to it? It's tendon tape?
MADISON KEYS: Just extra support, yes.

Q. Is it hard for you to deal with all the expectations after your Australian Open results during Roland Garros?
MADISON KEYS: It's definitely something that I'm learning to deal with. It's not the easiest all the time. I'm slowly kind of navigating how to deal with it and just learning how to kind of just focus on the pressure I'm putting on myself and not really worry about anyone else's outside pressure.

Q. When you go to different tournaments are you usually staying at hotels or do you sometimes rent houses? What is sort of your comfort level? Would you rather be in one or the other?
MADISON KEYS: I've done both. Kind of depends on the tournament. Like at Indian Wells it's always kind of nice to have a house and things like that and they're so easy. But then here it's easier for me to just be in a hotel. Wimbledon I'll be in a flat. I've done both. I'll probably continue to do both. There is really no rhyme or reason to it.

Q. What do you specifically like, say, when you do have a flat or house? Is it cooking breakfast? Is it not being in a hotel setting?
MADISON KEYS: Sometimes it's nice to the to be in a hotel all the time. You kind of feel a little bit more settled. It's also having coffee the second that you wake up. You can immediately go make some. (Laughing.)

Q. You have a game which we don't see very often on the tour. Very powerful on the serve. Do you feel like an exception, or do you think in the future we're going to see more and more girls who are going to play like you?
MADISON KEYS: I think it's just kind of how people grow up playing tennis. I think there is definitely a handful of girls who play like me, and I think there will probably be more and more. I think the exciting thing about tennis is that it's so different. Everyone kind of has their own style.

Q. Just to follow up, are you more annoyed when you have to play against a girl who plays like you, very powerful, or you prefer play a classic game?
MADISON KEYS: I don't really think I'm every annoyed playing one person or another. I think there are certain games that kind of match up well against each other. You know, there are some matches -- like if I'm playing Petra, it'll be more quick points and lots of winners, but also some unforced errors. But then if you're playing someone like Sara Errani it's going to be longer points. Depends who you're playing how the game is going to go.
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