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May 27, 2015

Virginie Razzano


6-3, 1-0 (Ret.)

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. My question is to know whether it's the same abdominal muscle pain that led you to retire and how did you experience the first set with this pain?
VIRGINIE RAZZANO: Yes, it was far more painful, and it was a problem for me to serve. So, yes, it comes from what I suffered in Strasbourg in the second set against Schiavone. I felt something. And today the pain was greater. I couldn't serve anymore. I went through the first round, but it was already very difficult for me. Of course, I had to use my muscles more during the first round. And then there was Strasbourg, then the first round here, and it was more difficult, especially when you play a girl like Suarez Navarro. You need to be in good shape to fight against a player like her, so it was difficult.

Q. We saw you talking to the doctor at 1-0 when you were about to change sides. What did you say, and did you make the decision to stop then to make it worse?
VIRGINIE RAZZANO: Not the doctor, the physio. I wanted her to help me on that area of my body. But in my head, I had not said, Okay, I retire now. I'm going to try a couple of games in the second set. But I had realized that I was not at 100% of my shape during the first set, but I also saw that I could do something quite good for somebody injured in the abdominal muscles. So I had a big problem on my serve. I managed that. I didn't want the situation to get worse, because it's important for me to be sensible sometimes, to understand what I can do and what I cannot do anymore.

Q. What's your mindset now that you leave Roland Garros? You went through one round, after all.
VIRGINIE RAZZANO: Well, 15 beautiful days for me, if we talk about Strasbourg and these first days here. Lots of confidence. Good level. Worthy of the top 10 because I played very good shots in Strasbourg during the week. I won to former winners of Roland Garros like Schiavone, and she was a runner-up here. Vesnina. Vesnina is not coming from nowhere. And then I also won to Barthel who played the fourth round or quarterfinals last year here. So I fought like a champion on this first round, which was difficult because of this injury. So I think I can be proud of myself, because I think many people would have been unable to play with such a pain and would have been unable playing the first round here. I did it because I'm different. I must congratulate myself. I'm very happy with these last 15 days, and I'm very happy after my best here in Paris, given my current condition. I was not expecting to go any further than that because of my condition. When you have an injury, you have an injury. And I know my body. I know what I have. So today I need to take a bit of time. I don't want to take too many risks for my future for the end of the season.

Q. And do you know what you need to do now when you need to rest, for how long? Do you feel you might not be at the top of your shape for Wimbledon or do you have no idea?
VIRGINIE RAZZANO: Well, I have to take tests, and it's difficult for me to tell you how long I will have to rest. I don't know. Maybe -- it might be a short rest, a long rest. I don't know.

Q. Is it a tear?
VIRGINIE RAZZANO: I'd rather not say exactly what I have right now, because it's serious. But I need to see doctors to fully understand and decide on how long I will stay off court.
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