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May 28, 2015

John Isner


J. CHARDY/J. Isner
6-4, 4-6, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously a tough guy to get round two here. What were your thoughts on that matchup and why it didn't go your way today?
JOHN ISNER: Yeah, I don't necessarily think the matchup is like bad for me. I thought he played well. I don't know the stats, but I felt like he served a lot of first serves. I didn't get many second serves. When I did, I feel like I did pretty well on them. I don't know statistic-wise. He played well and he had a bead on my serve really in the third and fourth sets. He started swinging really hard and the balls were finding the court in the right spots.

Q. John, it's got to sting. You feel like you didn't serve as well as you could have or he just came up with big returns?
JOHN ISNER: I think he came up with big returns. I got to give credit to him. I generally serve well most of the time. Really don't feel like I served horribly. Maybe could hit my spots a little bit more. You know, at a certain point in the third set he turned it on and picked it up a lot better than I did.

Q. You're one of the few Americans that really feels comfortable on clay and likes it. What do you take away from your clay season overall?
JOHN ISNER: It was all right. I mean, over with now. I wish I was still here. It's one of the biggest tournaments of the year. Going out early sucks.

Q. With the extra week this year, how does that change things up now that you're leaving here sooner than you want to? Going to go home?
JOHN ISNER: Yeah, I was going home regardless how I did here. Looks like I'll be home tomorrow.

Q. What's next?
JOHN ISNER: Going to play Queen's, yeah.

Q. I see that you have a cold. Was this a factor today?
JOHN ISNER: No. I do, but it's not a factor. I don't know. Came on last night or this morning or whatever. No, not a factor.

Q. You are No. 1 in United States for a while now. You are carrying the torch. You had wonderful, incredible, amazing generation a few years ago, but now American tennis, I mean, new stars are not being born as far as I'm concerned. What is your insight on this?
JOHN ISNER: I don't know. I don't pay attention really to everyone else, so it's not my --

Q. Do you think it's maybe related to the work of the USTA or there are things to be improved?
JOHN ISNER: Yeah. Yeah, probably. But at a certain point it's incumbent on players to do the right things and put together good results. So it's not all on the USTA or all on someone else. It's most on the players. Up to them to get better.

Q. Andy Murray just answered like six questions about time between points and the rules on that. Do you think it's important to keep the pace of play up? You're a fan of a lot of American sports; in basketball you can have the last two minutes take 60 with timeouts and so son.

Q. Do you think for tennis for the players and spectators that's important? Do you think it's enforced well?
JOHN ISNER: Yeah, I do. I don't really see it as a huge issue, though, mainly because I'm a guy that probably takes more time than my opponents. Except when I'm playing Rafa maybe. But, you know, you certainly don't want a minute in between points, but I don't look at it as a really big issue.

Q. And just putting aside spectating, you said you take maybe more than most. Is that how you've always done it? And why is that? Does it help you get ready? Think about the next point?
JOHN ISNER: Yeah, and sometimes I get tired, so I got to take more time. I'm a lot bigger than everyone else, so...

Q. I know you're disappointed, but it was a decent clay court season. A lot of stuff you and Justin have been working on is gelling and coming together. Do you feel like that stuff is going to be there as you head to the grass?
JOHN ISNER: Yeah. Yeah, it will be. Look, I really don't feel like I played that poorly today. It was a tough match. I thought my opponent played very well. So sometimes it happens. I could have beaten a lot of people out there today, and he wasn't one of them. But I'm playing well and doing the right things. Is sucks to lose this early. I expected to be here a lot longer than this, but I'll keep working hard.
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