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May 28, 2015

Jeremy Chardy


J. CHARDY/J. Isner
6-4, 4-6, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Are you under the impression that you've made a good performance, a perfect performance?
JEREMY CHARDY: It was a good match. In the first set I saved two break points. I had one opportunity and I seized it. For the first two sets I was a little bit frustrated, because he was serving well and there weren't too many rallies. But in the last two sets I played quite well. I returned better, so I managed to decipher his serve. Very happy with my match. I was focused from the start to finish, so I'm delighted. So very happy with this win.

Q. Did you ask to play on that court?
JEREMY CHARDY: No. I didn't make that request. They understood that I wanted to play on this court.

Q. Do you think that you are reaping the fruit of your work? The past few weeks you have been playing very well but you didn't post good results. Do you think that it has started to pay off?
JEREMY CHARDY: I produced a good performance, a good match. I know that I can play well, and I can beat good players. I feel good. When I feel good, when I step out on court, whatever the opponent or whoever the opponent, I think that I can win a solid match from start to finish. So very happy. I knew that I wouldn't have too many opportunities. I didn't think that I would have broken him very often, so I thought that we would have played or could have played more tiebreakers. But I'm not going to complain.

Q. You had two break points and you didn't convert, and then he broke your serve. What was the experience like?
JEREMY CHARDY: It was a tough moment, because when you break Isner's serve, you think that you've done what you have to do. So I had a break. I had two double break points, almost match points, and then he broke me back. But I said that the match was level, and I said to myself that I need to break him back. This is what I did. It was great.

Q. You haven't beaten a top-20 player. So what about this victory? How do you rank this victory?
JEREMY CHARDY: When you win at Roland Garros, it's always a good win, whatever ranking. So I'm glad to get through to the third round. I feel great. I'm physically fit. So I hope that I will continue to play well.

Q. Of the past few seasons, you are ranked among the 25th and 30th place. So what is your mindset?
JEREMY CHARDY: I want to make headway. I want to have a better ranking. I want to be in the top 20. It's quite tough to do so, but if I want to be in the top 20, I need to post good results to go far and deep in the tournaments, in Masters 1000 tournaments and in Grand Slam tournaments. I have some objectives and goals, I want to win a tournament, 250 tournament. So that's it. I'm happy with my performance. Happy to be in the tournament, and I have won some points and I will concentrate on the next match.

Q. You will play against a totally different player. What do you think of that?
JEREMY CHARDY: I know David very well, so we are friends. We practice very often together. Of course, he doesn't serve as well as Isner, but he has a good serve. From the baseline he's very solid. It will be a totally different match. There will be lots of rallies. So I haven't yet thought about my tactical approach. I hadn't thought yet about the match. So I'm just relishing this win. Tomorrow I will play the doubles match, and then I will see what I'm going to do.

Q. The first match on Court No. 1 lasted for more than four hours. How did you manage that in terms of nutrition?
JEREMY CHARDY: We didn't expect the women's match to last so long, so I had lunch quite early, but the match continued, so I had a snack. I was in the locker room, then at restaurant, then outside, hanging around, in the stadium. So the locker room, that's quite okay. But in the locker room you have these screens, and the matches are being beamed, but there isn't much to do, in fact.
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