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May 28, 2015

Jack Sock


J. SOCK/P. Carreno Busta
6-7, 7-6, 6-1, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Why the wow?
JACK SOCK: Just got out of cold tank so legs are still a little chilly. I'm good. Just happy to get through.

Q. Good victory in terms of the way you were playing and the way you played down the stretch. What does this mean to you?
JACK SOCK: I thought he played a really good match. I've seen him play a few times, not a whole lot. Yeah, I thought he was kind of on top of his game today. It was a match I had to win. He wasn't going to be given to me, by any means. I finally found my serve three hours in, which was nice. It was letting me down there for a while, but I was able to find a little bit and the rhythm there at the end, and it helped me get through some tough service games in the fourth and eventually get the tiebreaker.

Q. Are those the kind of matches now that you sort of expect yourself to come through as you continue to climb?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, I mean, after the first round I had playing such a good player and getting through that one in straight sets playing some great tennis, yeah, and then playing a guy that some people say you're supposed to beat ranking-wise. But yeah, it's never easy after coming off a match like that in the first round playing a guy a little lower ranked but still a great player, really great clay court player. Makes a lot of balls. Very physical match today. Yeah, I mean, I'm coming into the tournament trying to win as many matches as I can and expecting to win some matches. To get through a match like today where he played very well, it's a lot of confidence.

Q. You get Coric next. You're a little older, but you guys are in the same conversation of guys likely to break through. What do you think that match will be like?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, I mean, it'll be another match similar to today: physical match, a lot of balls, a lot of long rallies, and probably going to be a match again where it'll be a few points here or there that will change it around. I feel like if I can have a good serving day and obviously look for the forehand and dictate play like I like to on the clay, hopefully can be a good day for me. He's obviously a very good player and definitely an up and comer. Overall be good match.

Q. Have you talked to Borna? Have you watched him play much?
JACK SOCK: I think I spoke to him now for the first time. He said, Hi. Just now. He said, Good job and I said good job. Haven't seen him around a whole lot, but that was the first time we said anything to each other.

Q. As far as watching him play tennis, have you seen him on TV?
JACK SOCK: Haven't seen him play a whole lot. Saw him playing a few points today before I played. Just know he's solid on both sides. Today, obviously if he standing still hitting forehands he can dictate. Gets a lot balls and gets a lot of balls back and is a solid player.

Q. You guys get clumped into this next generation, you're a few years older than him. Do you feel like you're a part of what he's a part of?
JACK SOCK: I guess a little bit. You guys like to put us all in the same group. Yeah, I feel like obviously I've been out on tour a little bit longer than him. We're among the younger guys on tour. He's broken through at obviously a very fast pace. Is he 18? 19? I don't even know how old he is.

Q. 18.
JACK SOCK: And he's top 60, 65. It's very impressive. Like you said, be a tough match. Yeah, be a good one for us younger guys, and hopefully obviously one of us will be in the fourth round, so it's exciting.

Q. If you talked about this before I apologize, but your second serve approach taking the risks that you take, talk about that a little bit and what you're trying to do there.
JACK SOCK: Yeah, I mean especially if I'm up in a game, 40-15, 40-Love, I may go for it a little bit more. In general I definitely hit it a little bigger than most guys. I feel like the risk/reward is a little bit more in my favor. Feel like I get a decent amount of points off it or at least a first-ball forehand, which obviously is what I'm looking for. It's either that or I can spin it in and probably start running on the first ball and not be in control like I like to be. Yeah, in general probably take a little bit more risk with it, but I feel like it pays off.

Q. Is that a thing that you have done analytics on or analyzed statistically or just a feeling that you have?
JACK SOCK: I feel like I've done it, yeah, since I've been on tour a little bit. Always felt like my second serve has been sometimes a weapon. Most guys it's tougher to get a rhythm on it than most guys. If you just spin it in and getting it and playing, it's obviously easier to tee off on the first ball. With mine, hopefully get it deeper in the box and not let guys get a rhythm on it and start dictating the points on my serve.

Q. Two other guys in the next generation who are still in the tournament are Kokkinakis and Kyrgios. You spent a lot of time with Nick recently. What's that been like?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, you know, we're all friends. I've spent time with Thanasi and obviously spent a lot of time with Nick the last few weeks. Played a ton of FIFA and had a ton of Chipotle. Once again, before we played doubles in Rome I didn't know him very well at all. We played last summer in the challenger, and that was kind of the extent of your relationship, hanging out, friendship, whatever it is. Yeah, then started playing doubles in Rome. Played 500 games of ping-pong that week and a lot of FIFA. Obviously developed a very good friendship, and now we're very close. Yeah it's good for all of us any time you have these younger guys making third rounds, and obviously some of us hopefully be in the fourth round. It's good for the sport I think and good for us as well, you know, to keep pushing each other.

Q. Are you still doing the every night Chipotle thing in Paris?
JACK SOCK: No, no, no. Night before been going to an Indian restaurant, a lot of Indian food.

Q. What's the Chipotle intake been over the last couple weeks?
JACK SOCK: Only here Paris, and I've had it three or four times since I've been here. I been here for a while.
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