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May 30, 2015

Marin Cilic


M. CILIC/L. Mayer
6-3, 6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Just in terms of your expectations coming back and over the course of 2015, did you have high expectations coming into this tournament, or were you looking forward to more the later times in the summer when you're back on your favorite surface?
MARIN CILIC: I was mentioning this couple times. My first priority for French Open was to win some matches to get the confidence I'm needing in the matches back. That was the first focus and the main priority for me. I was not looking so much for the result, as the clay court season this year hasn't been the best. I played okay at Monte-Carlo and then later was a lot of up and downs. But that was sort of expected as I didn't play the beginning of the year. The mental approach to 2015 was of course to keep rising and to get closer to the top. I have a bit handicap as start the season basically in April, but, still, that goal stays. And I feel that if I'm going to be doing the things right and if I'm going to be playing well, it won't be too far.

Q. I was just wondering if since you won last year the US Open, do you feel more respect from the other player in the locker room? Do you have the impression they fear you more than before?
MARIN CILIC: That was I would say more in the first couple months after US Open. Since then it passed a lot of time. I didn't play also too much this season, and I don't think that's the case at the moment. Of course everybody knows what am I capable to do on the court and how I can play. Everybody I guess has that in their own mind. But it all comes down to how are you are playing in the matches. So that's the thing. For me, it has given me different aspect in my mind in approaching big tournaments, as I'm more focused on myself than to be more worried about the other things.

Q. Just one small question. Of course depends how you're going to do the rest of the tournament here, but after this tournament, did you plan to take maybe two, three days off, just a few days off, or are you going to go straight into grass court practice?
MARIN CILIC: Well, the first plan was to play Stuttgart and Queen's and then week off before Wimbledon, so we'll see. I mean, still far until then. But usually I'm kind of a player that likes to play rather more than less, and that always suits me better.
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