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May 30, 2015

Jeremy Chardy


J. CHARDY/D. Goffin
6-3, 6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. You play Andy Murray in the next round. You played on clay recently in Rome. Do you think he's a bigger challenge now? He's obviously in very good form, best form of his life. Do you think it's more difficult playing him this year on clay than other years?
JEREMY CHARDY: Yeah, for sure. He's so confident, he didn't lose a match on clay court. I play against him in Rome. I play a good match, but still I lost 3 and 3. Yeah, after he beat me, he pull out from Rome to be fresh for Roland Garros, and I think for him it's a big goal. So it will be a really tough match. In the past we always say Andy doesn't like to play on clay court, but now I think everybody change and he like more now to play on clay.

Q. How much will it be a different dynamic playing here at Roland Garros with a great big French crowd behind you?
JEREMY CHARDY: Yeah, it's helping a lot, for sure. I play all my match on Court No. 1, and the atmosphere was amazing. They push me and they help me during the whole match, so for sure it will help me against Andy. I feel really well. Today I play one of my best match. So if I continue to play like this, I really think I have a chance against Andy.

Q. Would you hope that you might be on Chatrier for the next round?
JEREMY CHARDY: I don't know. For me, every court are really nice. I know the crowd will be for me, so Chatrier or Suzanne Lenglen, it will be the same for me.

Q. There are some French players that get very, very nervous playing here at Roland Garros. Amélie Mauresmo, Andy's coach, was one of them. How do you feel playing at Roland Garros?
JEREMY CHARDY: Oh, I really like it. For me, is not the pressure. It help me to play in front of my crowd, and they give me a lot of energy, so I enjoy every year to play here. It's a big chance to have a Grand Slam in France and to get the support.

Q. Do you think you could have a chance of being selected for Davis Cup quarterfinal?
JEREMY CHARDY: This is in long time, so I don't think about Davis Cup right now. I'm just focus on my tournament, and it's always the same. In France we are really lucky, we have a lot of good player. So the captain has to choose every time, and sometimes is not easy for him. But he will make the choice, and if I have to play, I will be ready; but if not, I will continue in my year.

Q. You said you played well in Rome and still lost. Did you learn anything tactically that you could maybe take into this match that you might do differently?
JEREMY CHARDY: Yeah, for sure. When you lose, you try to learn about the match. Especially my coach. I pay him for that (smiling). No, we're gonna talk about the match, and for sure he will give me some tips for the next match. Yeah, I play a good match, but Andy is one of the best players, especially at the moment. So if I am to have a chance to win, I have to play my best tennis against him next round.

Q. Does Patrick Mouratoglou sometimes help with your coaching and strategy? And also, is he one reason -- you seemed to improve a lot over the last two, three years.
JEREMY CHARDY: Yeah, I am practicing at the academy. Patrick was my coach during one year, and he always close to me. Since one year and a half now I'm practicing with my new coach, Magnus Tideman, and he's doing a great job with me. We change a lot of things in my game. Now I think I play more solid than before. We were working now for a long time, and I think this tournament I play really solid and I play the game he want me to play. So I'm really happy that's happen in Roland Garros.

Q. How well do you know Amélie Mauresmo? How much will she bring to the match, having a French woman in Andy's corner?
JEREMY CHARDY: I mean, for me Amélie did a really great job with Andy. And, yeah, I don't know what to say about that. Amélie and Andy -- I mean, the support will be for me, anyway (smiling), because Amélie stop to play now. So is a guy from England against a French guy, so I hope the crowd will be 100% for me.

Q. I just was wondering, in Rome, were you happy when Andy withdrew after your match just because he was tired? Did you feel that was correct? Because you were out of the tournament, or perhaps do you feel he should have continued in the tournament having chosen to play against you?
JEREMY CHARDY: Yeah, I mean -- yeah, I was a little bit pissed. I mean, when you are starting a tournament and he beat me first round, and he's so confident and he want to be one of the best player, win a Grand Slam. If you want to win a Grand Slam, everybody is tired, for me. So I was a little bit pissed when I see he retired because of tiredness. But after, it's his choice, and, I mean, for the moment he's doing well. So if he win Roland Garros, everybody say it was a good choice. If he lost, it will be wrong.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. What's the difference between Chardy this year reaching the round of 16 and the same Chardy when you reached the round of 16 in 2008?
JEREMY CHARDY: In 2008 it was totally different. I was ranked 180 or 190, I can't remember. I had wildcard. My tournament was extraordinary. I was on my cloud, if I can say. That is, everything was a success. Everything was brand new. It's wonderful memories. But, you know, it was two matches. Now I managed to reach the top 100, and to live this moment. Whereas today it's different. I think that today I played very solidly all of my matches since the beginning of the tournament. And even today I played a superb match. As I said before, I think it's my best match this season. I think that even if I look back at my career, I'm very happy with this match. Everything that I'm working for I managed to do today. I made the right choice. I didn't want to hurry too much and play the right points. I was very solid from A to Z today.

Q. David Goffin's coach said, With Jeremy, he plays on his own. End of quote. It means that you, in fact, do what you want. Do you agree with this statement?
JEREMY CHARDY: Yeah, I quite agree. That is, in general, I like playing my game and I like playing the game. If I can, I want to take control, and I want to win the points, but also, I am the one that makes the errors. It's my game. But I want to create something on the court. If I enjoy it, if I'm having fun on the court, this is when I play really well. So whenever I can, I try. If I can take control of the match, create things, I love that. Yes, of course. Many people say I play on my own. That's true. But I think this is the way it is. We could say the same about other players, several players. And today everything went on all right. So that's good.

Q. You have said you have changed many things in your game with your coach, so what have you more particularly worked on? What are your objectives when you started working with him?
JEREMY CHARDY: Well, to be more solid. This is what I wanted. I wanted to have more solid foundations in my game, if I can say, stronger basis. Since the beginning of the tournament I have been playing more solidly. My backhand, I have worked a lot on my backhand and improved it a lot, compared to what I did in the past. And now, I can do many more things with my backhand shots. And also, I work on my strengths, because, you know, for me, it's with your strong points that you can win a match. So I continue to use my strong points, but I want to perhaps offset the little things that I have to improve in my game so that the foundation is stronger and stronger so that I can play matches that are more and more solid, that I can be solid like today so that I can win my best shots.

Q. Emotionally speaking, would you say you're more stable, as well?
JEREMY CHARDY: Well, well, I don't know (smiling). I don't know. That's a question -- it's a tricky question. Well, I feel good, you know. This helps me to trust my team, to be well surrounded. All that I have been working on when I practice gives me a lot of confidence, and I'm more serene on the courts. I have been saying this for a while. I feel good when I practice, and for the time being, I can't play as well as I wanted to play during the matches, and today therefore this is a good reward for me.

Q. Well, two words about the next round against Murray on the center court. What about this? What would you say about this? You played against him recently in Rome. I think you defeated him once.
JEREMY CHARDY: Yeah, as I said before, it's going to be a tough match against Andy, and he plays at his best level at present. On clay, that's true. His best level. Even before he said he didn't really like this surface, whereas now he's playing really well. He's really managed to show that he's very solid. I played against him in Rome. I have a feeling I played a good match. Yet I was defeated 6-3, 6-3, and there are things I can improve still, things I can take away from my previous match against him. Since the beginning of the tournament I have been playing a lot better than in Rome, so I hope that with these things, you know, this trust that I have gained and the adjustments in my game I will be able to play a better match and perhaps win.

Q. In English you were saying Lenglen and the center courts are the same. Leaving Court No. 1 is something that matters, I suppose. What would you say about this? You have so much experience, you have your landmarks. You have won so many matches on Court No. 1. Is that the parameter you'll have to manage on Monday?
JEREMY CHARDY: Yes. No. 1 court, I know it as if I were at home. With all the matches I won on this court, when I'm on the court, you know, I have this extra confidence in myself. You know, I don't know why I like the atmosphere on this court. I have always thought it's a lovely court. You know, it's like an arena, a small arena. People are close to you. Closer to courts. They are really in the game, in the match, much more than a big court. They want to be part of this atmosphere. They support you. I love this court. And then there is a moment when you have to leave Court No. 1, you know. As I said, also, the crowd will be with me. The audience will be with me. Whether it will be on Suzanne Lenglen or the center court, we'll see. We will have to manage. I will practice on this court, and the landmarks will be different.
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