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May 30, 2015

Borna Coric


J. SOCK/B. Coric
6-2, 6-1, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please. Obviously not the way that you wanted that to go today. Just talk us through the match from your point of view. Was there anything bothering out on court, or Jack just came out firing, especially on the forehand side?

BORNA CORIC: Yeah, he just played way too good today. He was serving too big. His forehands were very heavy and I was struggling to cope with that. I couldn't stay close to the line. You know, yeah, he was just playing too good. I mean, it was maybe the combination that I didn't play great. That's for sure. But I think that the first thing was that he played too good.

Q. You obviously had a tough match in the previous round. Any difficulty recovering for today's match?
BORNA CORIC: No, no, I was fine. I mean, that's not any excuse. Like I said, I was 100%; I was fit; I was ready for the match. But Jack just played too good today.

Q. What do you think the key is for you in terms of going forward? You have so much time in front of you, but how do you develop a big or bigger shot, and do you think that's really important for you to do that?
BORNA CORIC: Yeah, definitely. I mean, I think can improve in all the areas game-wise. Like you said, I mean, I don't have one big weapon. I mean, that's maybe my backhand, but definitely on the clay courts it's not. I'm struggling to do any pressure with my backhand. Actually on this tournament my forehand was my better shot, which is strange. But definitely I can improve on the both sides, especially on the forehand. My volleys I improved a lot. Honestly, I played very good on the net all the tournament. But still there is some improvement. And my serve, especially on the clay court as well, it's not heavy enough.

Q. Did you think you need to change philosophy, technique, or just a question of getting older and more and more powerful?
BORNA CORIC: I think my technique is good. Maybe there are some small details can change. That's normal. But nothing major for sure. It's just the question of the hard work, even maybe more self-belief in that shot because it's tough to play. And also getting used to this kind of balls which are very heavy from other opponent, because I didn't play so many matches against top players. I mean I did play a lot, but still, it's not like him or like maybe, I don't know, Robredo. So I need to get used to also the speed of the ball.

Q. The book on Jack Sock is that most people try to get that ball to his backhand side to keep it away from the forehand. I'm wondering, for you today, was it difficult to get the ball into his backhand side? Does he protect it particularly well?
BORNA CORIC: No, no, I think it was difficult for me everything. It was difficult to get the ball in his backhand and it was difficult when I did get to his backhand that he didn't miss, which was very frustrating for me. I expected he's going to miss something, he's going to give me some opportunities. I expected that he's not going to return that well, like he did. I mean, I didn't serve great but I didn't serve bad, and I don't remember that he miss one return. And also when he came to his forehand, when he had the point on his forehand, I mean, I was just going further and further back. I couldn't stay in the rally.

Q. Sorry if you were asked, but what do you think of that forehand, and what's the spin like in terms of people you've played in the past?

Q. Yeah, his forehand.
BORNA CORIC: Yeah, it's a very tough forehand. Honestly, a lot of spin, especially on this kind of conditions where it's a little bit windy. It's very deep; it's very, very heavy. So like I said, I was really struggling to stay in the rally, to stay close to the baseline. So he was getting me, you know -- I was going further and further, and it was just the matter of all the time and he's going to make the point, because I'm not like unbelievable runner so I can get every point, I can get every ball. And also I was surprised when I tried to attack. He was moving very good. I just didn't have any solution to play. I didn't know what to play.

Q. Again on the forehand, is the difficulty the heaviness and the depth of the shot, or do you find it's a difficult shot to read, to know where it's going?
BORNA CORIC: No, most of the time I know where it's going to go. Most of the time. It's not like something unbelievable. But I think that's the most -- the hardest thing is spin and the depth. Yeah, like I said, also I was very surprised. I thought I'm going to get some weaker balls. The ball was the same, with lots of spin and quite deep.

Q. As a progression, how do you take this week? Is this something you feel like is successful for you as you continue to try to climb up and your expectations aren't too high for yourself?
BORNA CORIC: Yeah, I mean, definitely it was very good week for me. If someone said I was going to play third round I would say, Yeah, that's good for me. Especially beating Robredo and also Querrey, two very god wins. Last week was semis for me. It was quite good week for me. I made a lot of points in the two weeks, especially for the clay court season. I'm very happy. I can take only positives from this. Today basically I got killed, but those kind of things happen. I know that a lot of people expect now when I beat Robredo, Querrey, or if I play semis that I'm going to win French Open and maybe play final of Wimbledon. That's not going to happen. In its time. It's not easy to play match by match with the top guys.

Q. How do you rate your game on grass? That's obviously the next step. Better shot on that surface than clay, or less so?
BORNA CORIC: No, no. I don't like it so much. I think that's my worse surface actually. At least it was like that last year. Last year I really played bad. But I think also I was a little bit in - I don't know how to say it - but I didn't want to be there, if you know what I mean, for those tournaments. I wanted to be home. It was strange time of my life. So I'm not sure what to expect honestly. I'm going to work hard and try my best and just see what's going to happen. Last year it was very bad, but I think it was also very bad because of the mental side.

Q. The reason that you chose the coach Thomas Johansson means that you are thinking to move to Monte-Carlo, for example?
BORNA CORIC: No, not at all. No.

Q. Because he's based in there, so I thought...
BORNA CORIC: Yeah, no, no. He's based there. For sure I'm going to come to Monte-Carlo to train; sometimes he's going to come to Zagreb to train. Sometimes we going to go one week early to the tournaments. But not moving to Monte-Carlo. It's not an option.
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