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May 30, 2015

Jack Sock


J. SOCK/B. Coric
6-2, 6-1, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. How do you put all this in context from where you were December, January, family situation, everything else, being in the fourth round for the first time?
JACK SOCK: Yeah. At the time it was probably tough to imagine, you know, having a good start to the year like I guess I'm having. Yeah, when I was in the hospital next to the bed with my brother, it was a very tough time for not only myself but my family. But it was more motivation. He got through that, and it's pushing me out on the court, you know, teaching me things that maybe I didn't know in the past. He's able to get through that, makes the things on the court that I would maybe usually get frustrated with that don't seem as big anymore, and, you know, it helps me play a little bit more relaxed tennis. So in general, it's been more motivation than anything.

Q. How happy are you with how lopsided that match was? I don't think a lot of people would have called that scoreline.
JACK SOCK: It was a good day for me, for sure. I was fortunate enough to play great tennis. And, you know, once again, things I was looking to do, serving forehand and dictate a lot of points, like I said yesterday or a couple days ago, I was able to do that very well today. In general, I think he plays pretty far behind the baseline and kind of lets the opponent maneuver the ball a little bit. He's a great defender, makes a lot of balls, and is very quick. I usually feel pretty good when I'm hitting a lot of forehands, especially from the left side of the court, and able to move the ball around and dictate play. I was able to do that today fortunately.

Q. I think Madison Keys said you had a short conversation about your love of this surface as an American. She called it, I think, bizarre. But how did that happen, actually? Because let's face it, most of us Americans don't have much experience on the red clay and don't love it.
JACK SOCK: Yeah, thanks, Madison, first of all. No, I don't know, I have said it multiple times. I feel like, you know, movement plus my game in general, serving forehand, the ball really gets up and really able to take my time with every shot and every point. I feel like it maximizes my game, you know, more than other surfaces. I'm able to set up and dictate with the forehand again. Serving definitely gets up. It definitely makes my shots a little more lethal, I guess, than on other surfaces. It feels like it suits my game very well. I feel very comfortable on it.

Q. This is a breakthrough of sorts for you at a Grand Slam tournament. How long do you allow yourself to enjoy this before you start thinking about what's next?
JACK SOCK: Probably enjoy it through Chipotle dinner tonight and then I will start getting focused tomorrow morning (laughter). Probably play some good doubles hopefully tomorrow, I think we are going to play tomorrow, Vasek and I, and hopefully get another win there, definitely gear down and get ready for Monday.

Q. Could you look ahead to that match for us and what you expect that to be like and how you approach Rafa?
JACK SOCK: He's decent in this tournament (laughter). Well, he's lost one match here. That will be a fun one. I said a few days ago, I'm not really one to get a whole lot of nerves before big matches. I more look forward to it and it should be hopefully an exciting match and hopefully I can play some good tennis and, you know, give him a good battle. Obviously he's played this tournament however many, 10, 12 years, and lost one time. It's definitely going to be an uphill battle, but it will definitely be a fun one and one where hopefully I can play some good tennis and kind of show my presence on the court.

Q. In the last few weeks, you were scouting Rafa's play. Do you think you have a better shot against him like, say, one year ago?
JACK SOCK: I don't know if there is any time to have a better chance than not to play Rafa on clay. It's always going to be an extremely tough match, and always a tough battle. But, you know, obviously I do have confidence right now. I am playing some good tennis. But once again, he's the king of clay, they call it. It will be more of an exciting match and one I look forward to. I'm not really thinking about the outcome right now.

Q. What about what your grandpa has been going through and sort of how that's been playing out while you have been here and keeping in touch with family? I know what your brother went through obviously was a big part of sort of you coming back, too. If you can talk about that a little bit.
JACK SOCK: Yeah, you know, my grandpa is, you know, at a center where they are helping him obviously 24/7, keeping an eye on him. I actually called him after my match -- well, not him. I called -- my aunt and my grandmother are with him, bedside with him, and they put the phone up to his ear so I could say some words and hopefully could hear me. He can't respond, he's got tubes down his throat. He's battling with Alzheimer's right now. He's lost a bunch of weight and not looking great. But it's a part of life, you know. It's something that everyone goes through. But, yeah, I hope he just lasts as long as he can and then hopefully after this tournament I can get back and hopefully go see him.

Q. How many times have you eaten at Chipotle here? Where is it?
JACK SOCK: I actually usually go to the one -- I don't even remember. I have been going to the one in the mall this year because Kyrgios likes to go to that one, it's closer to his hotel. We have been going to that one. But in the past I was going to one closer to the Champs, I don't even know. I don't know. There is one like a store and there's one in a mall.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
JACK SOCK: No, not today. Actually, I haven't. I have only been three, four times. That's a few times. For me that's little.

Q. Secondly, they sell little containers of clay in the concession stand for 20 Euro. Will you take any clay home as a souvenir? And if so, how?
JACK SOCK: I probably won't. I have had a lot of time on the clay, and I don't need to take any home with me. Maybe -- no, I'll more be, you know, excited just to get home and spend some time with family. The clay will probably stay here in Paris (smiling).

Q. I'm not sure how to phrase this, but is playing Rafa at the French Open any way a Bucket List item or something you prefer not to have happen because of his record. How do you parse that?
JACK SOCK: I guess maybe a little bit of a Bucket List. Obviously as a tennis player, when you play Roger at Wimbledon or playing Rafa here, there is a few of those matchups and scenarios where, you know, it's the greatest of all time on that surface. Yeah, so, I mean, once again I will be excited to play. I'm more looking forward to it. Like I said, it will be a tough one, but it will be a fun one.

Q. Were you a Rafa fan as a kid?
JACK SOCK: Yeah. I can't remember the exact age, you know, I started watching him play. He was 17 when he won here the first time? He was breaking through very early, and, you know, won a Grand Slam at a very young age. You know, for a while now people like to sort of compare our forehands and revolutions of the ball and the topspin and everything, so, you know, our names have been put together a little bit in that sense. But, yeah, I mean, obviously any time you can watch a guy at that age win Grand Slams, it's pretty special. As a kid growing up I was watching a lot of Americans.

Q. You didn't have any Rafa photos on the wall or anything like that?
JACK SOCK: I did not, no.

Q. With respect to the matchup against Rafa, what are you curious about with respect to how your game will stack up with him? What do you go into that one and look at?
JACK SOCK: I'm kind of excited to see the forehand-to-forehand battle. Obviously we are both going be trying to do similar things. It will be pretty interesting to see the different game plans going on. Obviously we are both looking to hit forehands. For me, the ad side of the court and him the deuce side of the court obviously and try to find the other's backhand and maneuver the ball around. I think it will be kind of a chess match and who can find the forehand first and kind of open up the court. So it will definitely be one I will have to be focused and be thinking on every shot and every point. It will be good. It will be fun.

Q. Since Chipotle doesn't quite qualify, what's the closest or the best French food you eat here, if anything?
JACK SOCK: I haven't had any French. I have had Chipotle or room service or Indian food the night before I play. It's one of those three.
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