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May 30, 2015

Kristina Mladenovic


A. VAN UYTVANCK/K. Mladenovic
6-4, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. I suppose this is not the day you were dreaming of. How did you experience this match against her? Was it due to tension, you were tense? Or is it her game that was something that puzzled you?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: Yeah, that's true. That's not the day I was dreaming of, because I was defeated. But then, you know, to come back to this match, singles, yeah, she bothered me, because she was solid. She was serving well. She had some good winners. I tried to play my game and to have heavy points on my forehand so that she would not only be on the court really, but she reacted well. She returned quite a lot of points. All in all, my match was not that bad, but it was difficult for me to, you know, do this, this thing, this little thing. I could have bothered her with my strong forehand, but I didn't do this today. So as I was saying before during the previous press conferences, you know, all players play well, and I couldn't do this, this little thing, and therefore, this girl seized these opportunities. Congratulations to her. She did well, I must say. She seized all points and each instant, I think, from what I remember, which means I didn't quite manage to play my game today.

Q. Do you think it's because you cannot really unwind or is it because it's what's at stake? You're one of the favorites. Did you think this had an impact?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: No, not at all. Not these things. Because if you look at my feelings, my sensations, I didn't have the impression that I missed the match. I was in the match. I was not accurate enough in rolling out my game, you know. My strikes were heavy, but perhaps not in the right zone. I was not precise enough, and therefore, she would return all the balls. She could have missed them. Okay, that's true. She could have lost some of those. But she serves well. She has a good hand. No, no, no. It's not pressure. Because the previous match mentally was even tougher for me. I had finished this incredible win, and therefore, there was more challenge, if I can say, during the second round. I had never won a match on the Chatrier court. I was favorite on paper, but I managed this match well. I could play my game and it bothered the opponent, whereas today it was another tennis match, and I tried till the very end. I don't have many regrets, because I changed my style during the match. I saw that usually when I vary, when I have dropshots, you know, against this player, it didn't work. She is talented, so I didn't continue with dropshots. I changed. I tried to come and volley more and to play heavily, to strike heavily. All sorts of things. But this was not sufficient today.

Q. I know the match is just over. You're probably disappointed. But then afterwards, in a few days from now when you think about Roland Garros, you'll say, these were two good wins, which is very much in keeping with your good results recently. Or will you be disappointed? What do you think?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: Well, I always have my own objectives, that are almost stretch goals. I always want to do more. People can always do more. And therefore, now that the match is just over, I'm slightly disappointed, that's true. But then with more distance, more time, I'll look at this, I'll be quite open, I'll look at what I have done since the beginning of the season, my level of game, my tennis is good, I feel good when I play my style. And again, I think that this Roland Garros was quite successful for me, given the draw, the difficult draw that I had to start with. I could have lost during the first round. And I think that, yeah, there are many things that are positive, many things I will draw from that. I defeated a top 10 here. I managed and made a challenge during the second round, you know. It was difficult to confirm. I obtained my first win on Chatrier, which is another step. You know, that's all. I will take all of these positive things. And also the things that are less positive, the things that are more negative, like how to react and what to work on so that I'm stronger next time.

Q. You'll be back to your best ranking, more or less, when you had dropped slightly in the past months. I suppose you're satisfied with this, as well. And therefore, my question is: Would you say that this will make you think about becoming No. 1? Alize and Caroline, maybe you will be the next No. 1 soon? Is that something you think about, is it important for you or not?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: Well, to be frank, this is not at all something I'm thinking about. I'm not interested. Okay, people talk about it, that's good, it's always been the case. During the French Championships when I was really young, people talk about this. You know what I focus on? It's how I develop individually, personally, it's been the case. Since I have become professional it's been the case. My dreams, my objectives is to win titles, single, a Grand Slam, doubles, and to go up and up, and do as much as I can. And this, throughout my career, when this is done, well, if I manage to do this, then, you know, my ranking, it will follow. What I'm interested in is all of these trophies. And of course, I'm satisfied on paper if I'm No. 1 in France, but what I want is the world rankings.

Q. You said you will have to analyze this match to know what you have to work on in the weeks and months to come. How do you do this? How do you develop your plan for the next practice? Because you're doing this on your own. It's probably not easy.
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: No, on the contrary. It's very easy. There is no brainstorming. My analyses are good. I'm going to watch the match. I'm perhaps not that clearheaded. I will not see all of my mistakes immediately. But as I said earlier on, to you, I think I have not really missed the match at all. It's just that I couldn't find the right game to bother her. She was at ease. This girl, you know, she was solid when she played. She was not shaking. I could have changed my zones, my hitting zones, I could have been perhaps more patient at other times during the match. So I will watch the match again. I will watch this again. And otherwise I will continue and do what I have been doing so far.

Q. About your program, it's soon the grass season. I suppose this is a good surface for you. Do you have a special program or a dense plan for this next season on grass?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: I don't know yet. I will see. It's always a bit special playing on grass, because we don't really have quite a lot of good courts to practice in France on grass in this region. We are all tempted to play all of these tournaments, and this year we have one extra week on grass. At present is the three weeks that I'll play before Wimbledon. I've adjusted for that.
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