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June 1, 2015

Petra Kvitova


2‑6, 6‑0, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in English.

Q.テつ It was a good start for you obviously in the first set, and then what do you think changed the rest of the match?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ Yeah, I think I start pretty good in the match.テつ I was really prepared with everything.
She can play, and I think she didn't really play good in the first set.テつ I had my chances in the beginning of the second set, and unfortunately I didn't take them.
I didn't really continue in the game which I play, and I think that she ‑‑she just decided that she gonna hit it much more harder and going for it.テつ That's what she did. Unfortunately I didn't really have an answer right away, so for me it was really tough.
In the third set actually I was still trying to stay there and fight, because I knew that otherwise is not really chance.テつ I did everything what I could in the moment, and unfortunately I lost.
But I think that she played better.

Q.テつ Does that feel like a big missed opportunity for you when you look at the draw, when you look at you were playing well coming to this tournament?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ I didn't look to the draw, so I don't know really.テつ Of course it was the match which I could win.
On the other side, I'm happy to be in the second week for the first time if I'm not counting Wimbledon from 2012.
So I need to think a little bit more positive.テつ I just lost, but of course I think, you know, after couple of days it will be better than now.

Q.テつ What is it that she does well?テつ I mean, there is a lot of people who maybe haven't seen Timea play before.テつ You have obviously seen her twice this year.テつ What is it she does that causes you problems?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ Yeah, unfortunately I did.テつ I mean, I think the conditions here quite suits her.テつ She's very good mover.テつ If she's really, you know, backhand the ball so lightly, she can really play like great slice and it's really unbelievable.
I didn't see it before, but it's just staying in the spot and really difficult for me to going for it.テつ Yeah, she has a really good backhand.
From forehand I really think she can decide what's she gonna play, and it's really like with a lot of spin.テつ Unfortunately if it's going to my backhand that's a little bit trouble.
Yeah.テつ I think that's enough.テつ (Smiling.)

Q.テつ Mentally and physically how do you feel heading into the grass season now considering it's one of your favorite parts of the year?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ I just finished my clay season, unfortunately, but of course I'm happy that the grass is coming.テつ It's gonna be a lot of nerves for me as a defending champion, but that's how it is.テつ On the other side, I should be happy for it.
I mean, I feel good.テつ I'm not injured.テつ That's important.テつ I need to work for the grass part of the season, and, of course, you know, it's going to be a lot of work again.

Q.テつ Are you excited about a three‑week grass season?テつ Adding any extra tournaments this year?テつ Seems like an opportunity if you want to.
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ It is, for sure.テつ I'm just making commitment to Eastbourne before Wimbledon and not really nothing before.
But of course I'm out of the tournament, so maybe it's gonna be on the table.テつ We will see.

Q.テつ On Monday you will be No. 2 in the rankings; first time since 2012.テつ It's likely that that will probably get you a No. 2 seed, I would think, at Wimbledon.テつ What's your reaction to both of those, just being back up at No. 2?テつ And also, is it important to be seeded No. 2 possibly across the draw from Serena?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ Okay.テつ (Smiling.)
So it's nice to be No. 2, for sure, but I really didn't never care about the number.テつ But it's nice, and I'm not really know how I am on the spot 2, but it is how it is.
The seeding at Wimbledon, I don't really care.テつ I mean, of course it's nice to meet Serena in the final.テつ (Quote marks in the air.)
But I'm just glad that I can be compete again, playing again after the break.テつ That's important for me now, and I'm going to see how it's everything work after.

Q.テつ As the sun started to go down and the temperature dropped out there, did you notice any change of conditions?テつ Was it more difficult for you to hit through the court, or was that just Timea playing better?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ I think Timea played better.テつ I played a little bit worse.
It was a little bit colder for sure.テつ That's why I took a tissue out.テつ But, you know, when you are moving you don't really feel it that much.
It was a little bit colder, but nothing really matter.

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