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June 4, 2015

Lucie Safarova


L. SAFAROVA/A. Ivanovic
7‑5, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English.

Q.  Do you realize you're in the first Grand Slam final here in Paris?
LUCIE SAFAROVA:  Not yet.  (Smiling.)  It's slowly sinking in and it's just amazing.  Yeah, the happiness is unreal.

Q.  Can you talk about the two biggest moments of this match.  You had a slow start and then you came back, and then you had to close it out in the second set?
LUCIE SAFAROVA:  Yeah, I started a little bit slower the match and I was not swinging as much as I should.  I was a little, yeah, slow on my feet.
Ana was playing right away well and going for her shots, so I slowly started to get into the rhythm, into the game, and played really well the game to break her back.
Then right away took the set, took the momentum.  In the second set, yeah, I think when I realized that I finally can be in the finals, I got a little bit tense there.
The game at 5‑4 I was really like overthinking and couldn't really concentrate to be there in the moment.  My serve wasn't working, and, yes, it was a little bit fighting with everything on the court at that moment.
But when I lost the serve I, like, shake it off and started to play aggressive again, and then I served it out.

Q.  How are has your coach, Rob, helped you get to this point?
LUCIE SAFAROVA:  I think he helped me a lot.  He's big part of this, and I'm thankful that I can work with him.  It's been long way and a lot of hours on court.
I have been on tour, it's my 12th year, and to reach this finally it's just ‑‑you appreciate it much more, I think.

Q.  Your game suits any kind of court, also clay, because in covered courts you are dangerous, grass.  How is this possible?
LUCIE SAFAROVA:  Yeah, I don't know.  I like all the surfaces, but I think that in Czech we play‑‑ when we grow up, we play a lot through the summer on the clay courts, and through the winter we have to go indoors, which is usually very fast surfaces.  So you kind of train from a small kid to play on anything.
I think that a little bit forms our game on any surface.

Q.  You are on a very good dynamic.  What will you work for the final?  Will you keep it that way and see what's going on?
LUCIE SAFAROVA:  I have doubles coming up tomorrow.  (Smiling.)  I will try to just like really enjoy it and relax.  Yeah, I'll play the doubles tomorrow and get ready.  I'm really excited to be at this point in the finals, and I will go and enjoy each moment there.

Q.  What do you prefer, Serena or Timea?
LUCIE SAFAROVA:  That's a tough question.  I mean, Serena is No. 1 in the world, great player.  So, I mean, whoever will be there, I will just go there and play my game and obviously try to get the trophy.

Q.  You must have received a lot of congratulations from other players.  I just saw Safina tweeted you're the nicest girl on the tour.

Q.  Do you believe the good girl can win the title?  (Laughter.)
LUCIE SAFAROVA:  I hope so.  (Smiling.)  I think sport should be about fair play.  I think, yeah, people should be nice to each other.  Doesn't matter if it's in sports or in general.
So that's what I'm trying to do, even here.  And I think it's nice environment.  I have a few good friends on tour.  It's not easy when you play them, but that's the life.

Q.  It will be your first Grand Slam final.  How do you think you are going to deal with it mentally?  Are you going to try to talk to some other players?  Petra already did finals.  Does it help you to maybe prepare for the pressure?
LUCIE SAFAROVA:  Yeah, I will see.  I have one extra day to think about it.  And, yeah, I will talk to my coach and I will see if I talk to other people, as well.
It's first time for me, so it's kind of new.

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