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March 12, 2005

Nicole Vaidisova



Q. It was very hot watching out there. How hot was it on court?

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Yeah, it was really hot. But, you know, once you start playing, you don't really feel the heat that much till you finish. I mean, so I know it was really hot, but till I finished I didn't pay attention to it.

Q. Talk about the third set. She got back on you in the second. Third set, she was making a lot of errors. You seemed very much in control.

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Yeah, I was in control the first set totally, then I, you know, lost it. I made some stupid mistakes. I didn't serve well through the whole match. But I got it back together in the third set. I didn't give her much chances in the third.

Q. Playing with someone like her, so hit-and-miss when she's not on her game, how do you approach that?

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Yeah, I mean, she's definitely a tough player. I mean, you know, she hits the ball very hard and moves well. She's definitely a good player, so you have to be very professional with her, you have to go for every ball.

Q. You were trying to mix it up a little bit at times. Is that part of the strategy?

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: You know, I just try, you know, what works, see where she has a little weakness, see where she's better. You know, just tried something else.

Q. Tier I tournament, couple rounds in. How do you feel going into the rest of the week?

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: It's great. I'm looking forward to it definitely. Every match is great for me. I'm looking forward for every one of them. I'm definitely happy the way I'm playing.

Q. I think you're playing Pierce. Should you play her, how is that going to be to play a two-time Grand Slam champion? Somebody you watched or heard about when you were growing up?

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I heard about her definitely. I saw Mary play many times on TV. She's a great champion. As I say, every match you're out there. It's my second year on the tour. I'm 15. It's a great experience for me. So I'm definitely looking forward to playing her.

Q. Is it more special when you're playing a player with Grand Slam titles? Does it get you a little more excited?

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Yeah, a little. I think it's a little more exciting because, you know, you're looking forward to competing seeing where your level is actually with those players, I guess.

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