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June 6, 2015

Bob Bryan

Mike Bryan


6‑7, 7‑6, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English.

Q.  Tight one.  What was the difference in your guys' mind?
BOB BRYAN:  I felt like we lost a lot of the scrambling points.  A lot of good tennis, but I felt like we lost just a ton of the‑‑ you know, once the rallies developed they pulled out those, the long points, the extended rallies.  Came down to just a couple of shots.
We had the break in hand in the second.  Had a chance to pile on some pressure and get two breaks at 4‑2, and didn't play our best tennis there.  They just snuck back in it and clipped us.

Q.  This tournament obviously when you won your first slam you had successes.  Does this feel bittersweet compared to the other ones?
MIKE BRYAN:  Looking back at our career at the French, two wins is great; I think four losses.  A few we won the first set.  You can you pretty much taste it when you're up a set and 4‑2, but it does get sticky on the clay.  It's the toughest surface to hold serve.
You know, today was probably one or two points away a few times.  A couple weird points, but I want to watch some of the replays.  I did bloody myself up going for some of them.  You tip your hat to those guys.  Their level stayed pretty high the whole match.
I don't think we played a bad match.  You know, we can sleep tonight knowing that we brought some good stuff, and we are pretty close.

Q.  You have won so much and you have lost so much, because that's the life of a professional tennis player.  Do these get any easier to digest?
BOB BRYAN:  Not for me.  I don't know about for Mike.  But, yeah, we have won more slams than any team, but we have also lost more Grand Slam finals than any other team.  That will be a record that will stand for the rest of time, too, probably.
We have dealt with all different types of emotions in this career and we have seen it all.  Nothing really surprises us anymore.  We felt what those guys are feeling, and we have been up here sulking a few times.
So it's mother tennis.  She gives you a lot, but she also can burn you and take it away from you when you feel like it's in your pocket.
The only thing can you do with mother tennis is get back on the horse, and hopefully she will be nicer next time.

Q.  I felt like when you guys came in here you weren't really too happy with how you were playing.  I'm wondering if this tournament at the least, did it go better than you expected?  Do you feel more positive about where you are this season?
MIKE BRYAN:  Yeah, we came in and didn't have a ton of confidence, but started building it round after round.  We are leaving this tournament feeling pretty good about our games.  We are close to winning our third French Open, which is a good thing.
Going on the grass I think we will have a lot more confidence.  Beat some really good teams, and so... 
BOB BRYAN:  Yeah, we are‑‑ you know, if you would have told us we would have made the finals two weeks ago, I would have taken it because we were searching for confidence, searching for our games, and crap was swirling around.
But, you know, if you had told me last night that we would have made the final I would have been pissed off.  So it's weird how that works.

Q.  You like best‑of‑five sets at Wimbledon better?  Is that better for you?
BOB BRYAN:  I mean, yeah, we like it because you also play out the fifth and you feel like there are three or four hours of tennis.
If you lose, you deserve to lose because you got beat down over four hours. You know, we feel like we are in great shape and we like to go the distance.
This was a pretty long sample out there, too.  We don't feel like we got short‑changed.

Q.  How do you see tomorrow's final?
MIKE BRYAN:  I think Novak is going to be tough to beat.  Guy's been pretty good this year, and it's going to take a hell of an effort by, Herculean effort by Wawrinka to get him.  It might help him he had to play today.  He could be a little bit mentally tired coming off the heels of playing a late match against Murray and playing today.
That's going to favor Wawrinka.  But no one has seen it bigger than Stan.  He's played some amazing stuff.  If anyone can do it, Stan can do it.

Q.  Rio, you talked about as being the end point.  Is that sort of the end point until further evaluation, or is that still what you guys are thinking?
BOB BRYAN:  See how we are all feeling.  You know, the biggest thing isn't motivation.  If we are motivated‑‑ you know, it gets tougher and tougher to leave home the more of these little guys I get.  So if I can make this work and I'm happy traveling, then, you know, I'm not taking this gig for granted.
It's a fun gig.  We are ‑‑I mean, probably go over to Paris Disneyland tomorrow.  Last time she cried when she saw Mickey.  Big fake nose and eyes.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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