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June 6, 2015

Ivan Dodig

Marcelo Melo


6‑7, 7‑6, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English.

Q.  Can you just talk a bit about what it's like to win your first Grand Slam title?
MARCELO MELO:  For us means a lot.  As I said three, four years ago, I told Ivan, I have been playing doubles long time.  Together I think we can do big things.
From there, we start to play together, and he believes me since there.  Now we are more than good friends.  We won together a Grand Slam title.
To be honest, I don't know the feelings yet.  It's great.  All our lives hoping for that moment and that one becomes kind of dream come true.  It's just this feeling that I need to relax to figure out what I did.
IVAN DODIG:  No, I think it's great moment for both of us.  You know, it's to win first title, and especially I would say to beat the team in the world for many years and the best team in the history.  It's simply amazing week for us.
To be honest, from my side and Marcel, we always knew we could play good, you know.  This was our main goal for this season, to win a slam.
But I have to be, you know, like honest.  We didn't expect it's gonna happen here because this is not our favorite surface.  But somehow during from the match to match we really like improve every match, try to give, try to improve our game, and to give our best on the court.
Suddenly, we have the trophy.  For me, means a lot for all my people back home.  It's first time, you know, like trophy in doubles for some Grand Slam.  Obviously it's gonna be for history of my country, and I really happy and proud of this.

Q.  Marcelo, can you talk about having Guga there watching you today?  Was that a lot of extra pressure?
MARCELO MELO:  Yeah, was giving me support during the week.  This tournament is special for the Brazilians because of what he did.  I knew he was here, but I didn't know he was so close on the court.
Sometimes when I went to get the ball he was saying something to me, positive things.  Do this and that, pay attention.  He know what I have to do it because he did it three times.  For sure was a little bit of pressure, but for the good side, you know.
It was just inspiration, especially for me.  For sure, for Ivan, as well.  But for me being from Brazil was really nice to see him there supporting me, especially after ask me to come and take a picture with the trophy.

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