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June 6, 2015

Paula Badosa Gilbert


P. GIBERT/A. Kalinskaya
6‑3, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English.

Q.  How does it feel to be a French Open champion?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  Thank you.  It's an amazing feeling.  I started very nervous this tournament, but I improved every day.  So I'm very happy to win Roland Garros.

Q.  What do you think made the difference in the match for you today?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  I think she's playing at a very good level.  She did very good matches this tournament, but I think today I was very good of attitude, and I think that make the big difference today.

Q.  Both of our champions, you and Tommy Paul, this is your first junior tournament of the year.  That's interesting or funny or something.
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  Yeah, it's amazing.  The first one I'm playing I win it.  I think it's going to be the last one, so it's going to be amazing the last tournament I won, and it's also Roland Garros, too.

Q.  Not Wimbledon?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  No, I don't think so.  I'm not going to play Wimbledon.

Q.  You haven't played all that many tournaments, even in the futures or challengers this year.  Were you injured or what was going on?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  I have been practicing and changing some things about my tennis and my mentality, and that's why I'm not playing.
But now I'm going to start playing more WTAs, ITFs and improve my ranking, I hope.

Q.  Could you tell us what some of the things are you have been changing?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  I have been trying to be more aggressive and change my mentality, too.  My fitness and physical, I have been improving a lot of that.
It's a little bit of everything.

Q.  Next steps?  What do the next few weeks look like for you if you're not going to Wimbledon?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  Well, I'm going to practice hard and play some ITF, 50,000s, and keep improve my ranking.
I will see what's coming next.

Q.  Where will this trophy go?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  At home with me in my room.  (Smiling.)  Yeah.

Q.  What are the main objectives in your career?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:¬† Well, I hope‑‑ like every player, we want to be like the best in the world or win some day a Grand Slam, but I'm going to fight for that and keep practicing hard for that.

Q.  You're not only a junior player, you're still senior player with a good ranking.  What the next step in the ranking for you to crack the top 200?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  Well, I never put objective on my rankings.  I just want to keep improving my tennis and keep practicing hard and things will be coming for themselves.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Spanish.

Q.  Tournament is over.  You have lifted the trophy.  What was the most difficult part of it?  I mean, you are playing against favorite players, good players, but last year you were not the favorite.  That's why it was tough at the start.  What were the difficulties?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  Yes, it was very difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that I was playing in a big tournament.  I handled the situation well and I'm very happy, because I can manage the whole pressure around Grand Slam tournaments.

Q.  Will you become a pro player or will you continue to play junior tournaments?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  I will focus on professional tournaments and I will try to improve my ranking.  Maybe I will play at the Australian Open, but I will continue to play ITF and WTA tournaments.

Q.  We have been talking about the future, but what are you going to do for the next weeks?  Which tournaments are you going to play?  You have just won the juniors tournament.  What do you think of that?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  It's incredible.  It's amazing.  Lifting the trophy is outstanding.  Winning a Grand Slam is a great achievement.  I'm delighted with it.

Q.  We don't know you as a player.  How are you, and can you describe yourself?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  A very aggressive player.  I serve well, and I think that that's all.

Q.  (Off microphone.)
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:  My idol was Sharapova all the time.  I like the way Sharapova plays tennis, even though I cannot compare my tennis with that of Sharapova.

Q.  So we have some players, tennis players, some Spanish tennis players, and there is a wave of new generation of players.  Are you practicing with Carla?
PAULA BADOSA GIBERT:¬† Yes, I have been practicing with Carla.¬† We have Garbi√Īe, who is also very young.
We have Sara Sorribes.  We have also Bolsova.  I can tell you that women's tennis in Spain hasn't been in the headlines recently, so it's good this achievement now that I have made.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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