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June 6, 2015

Taylor Fritz


T. PAUL/T. Fritz
7‑6, 2‑6, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English.

Q.  Bad luck, and congratulations on a great week.  What made the difference out there in the second set?  You got some momentum.  And just give us a little idea on your thoughts on the match.
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:¬† I think, you know, we both played well.¬† It was really a high‑level match.¬† I can't really be upset with it because I played pretty solid.¬† I think the difference was just a couple of points, a break or two here and there.
Just the momentum, like, you know, he got up on me early in the first, and then he ended up winning it.  I got up early in the second and he got up early in the third, and I think that was just it.
That was the momentum with the early breaks in the sets really made the difference.

Q.  You're junior No. 1 now.  What does that mean to you?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  It's a huge accomplishment for me.  It's one goal I set for myself when I was 15 years old and just started playing ITF.
It's amazing for me to accomplish my goal, because it's one thing I always try and do, is when I set a goal I always try and meet it.
I try my best, and I just can't ‑‑I mean, I don't think I take it as an accomplish ‑‑I take it as an accomplishment and not as a thing like I made it or anything like that.
I just don't want to let it get to my head.  I take it as an accomplishment and I'm thankful for each of my goals, and I just want to moved forward from that.

Q.  You were one of the three Americans in the semis at Wimbledon last year, and now one of three in the semis here and two in the final.  What does this mean being sort of part of this thick crop of Americans?  What's that like having guys by your side as you make these runs?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  It's great because we all push each other.  We all get better because of each other.
I'm so happy to be a part of it, because it's going to help me reach my highest potential.  Maybe one of the times when I'm one of the last Americans left I can actually win the tournament, you know.  (Smiling.)

Q.  You say you don't want to let it get to your head.  I think I could be wrong on this, but I think you are the first San Diegan to get to a final here at Roland Garros since Michael Chang won it.  How does that feel?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:¬† I mean, it's a good feeling.¬† (Smiling.)¬† Again, just trying not ‑‑I mean, I just think of it, it's juniors.¬† Juniors is a great steppingstone into professional tennis, and I take it as a great accomplishment.¬† I get some confidence from it.
But at the end of the day, I just need to keep moving forward into the pros and not let it get to my head.

Q.  Is there anything about SanDiego tennis that you think has helped you especially?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  I mean, I feel like there is just a lot of clubs in SanDiego and there is a lot of good junior players coming up.
I have always had people to practice with.  I have been struggling a little bit recently, but there is great weather, great conditions there, and it's a great place to train.

Q.  We talked a little bit about this at Wimbledon when you were there, but what is the sort expectations for this generation with this hunger there for the next American to come up.  How has that affected you in your generation in terms of how you guys approach trying to move into the pro ranks?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  Well, I think all of us are cautious and not letting junior success get to our head, because we have seen what's happened in the past to  a lot of Americans that people say will be the next big thing.
I think we have kind of learned from those mistakes and we know to take it one step at a time.  We are all just looking to slowly work our way up into the pros.
Like I said before, you know, we are going to all push each other, and I think that's one thing that the other generations didn't have.  I think they didn't have several people that all were at the same level and all could make it.

Q.  You guys seemed at the end of the match to be sharing the moment.  He said one of the things that you talked about is he mentioned when you first came down to Boca for practice you were kind of behind everyone.
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  I was so bad.  I was so bad.

Q.  Basically that's what he said, and how much you have advanced here.  In that short of period of time you have come up to those guys and maybe surpassed them now with the No. 1 ranking.  That must make you feel A, proud, and B, that the future is bright?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  Yeah.  I mean, I feel like I'm selfish for wanting more and more.  When I realized, when I was 15 years old when I first went there, there was like 16 kids there and I was the worst.  (Smiling.)
There were 16 Americans, and I couldn't beat anyone.  I was the worst one there.  I just remember realizing that and thinking, like, Wow, I'm not as good as I thought I was.  Then I just was working insanely hard.  That's when I stopped going to high school and I just rose my level so much.
It's amazing looking back now when I remember just none of this seemed even possible in a million years.  So when I think about it, I have a lot to be thankful for.

Q.  What do you think are fair expectations or excitement levels for this next generation?  There were so many of you guys doing well.  Francis and Stefan weren't even in this draw.  What should the hype level be, do you think, or the excitement level for this next generation of Americans?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  I think people should be really excited.  I think a couple of us are going to do really well.  But at the same time, there shouldn't be too much pressure put on us, because that's never a good thing.
But I do think we are all going to ‑‑we are all going to become good players.¬† We might have a next American player that's way up there.

Q.  I'm curious, what did mom tell you ahead of this event?  Obviously she has experience in part.  What did she tell you going into a final like this?  Or did she tell you anything?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  No, she just told me to try my best and not worry about all the side things that would come from this, like tournament or ranking, turning pro, contracts, all that.  Just don't think about any of that stuff.  Just think about the match.
I think she knows I know that, as well.  So we didn't talk too much about it.

Q.  How much do you credit or whatever do you think the USTA deserves for all this success at this junior group is having?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  Well, they deserve a lot of credit for Tommy, especially.  He's been with them for a while.  They have helped me a lot, so they do deserve credit for helping us mature as players.
I give a lot of credit to them.  I have been with them the last three weeks and I have I had a great clay season.  It really is my least favorite surface.  Being with them I have really learned how to make it work best for me and play my best tennis on clay court.

Q.  You mentioned the turning pro.  Where is your mind on that right now?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:¬† I'm not entirely sure, but in my opinion, that's what I'm looking for, I think.¬† I think it's ‑‑it's that time soon.

Q.  Which of the USTA coaches have you been working with the last few weeks?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:¬† Diego Moyano, Jos√© Higueros, Jay Berger, Dean Goldfine.¬† All those guys have been very helpful in making me a better clay‑court player and preparing me for this tournament.

Q.  That's a good collection of guys.
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  Yeah, very good.

Q.  With your game I'm guessing you think grass might be your best shot.  What are you expecting from yourself and I guess also America and Junior Wimbledon?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  Well, I'm expecting Reilly Opelka to not get broken too many times in Wimbledon, and I'm expecting Tommy's game to translate also well to grass court.
I really feel that's my best chance to win a Grand Slam.  At Wimbledon, that is my best surface, for sure.
I'm just really excited for it, and I can't wait.

Q.  A technical question.  Do you realize you won two more points in that match than Tommy?
TAYLOR HARRY FRITZ:  He won the match.  Who cares?  (Smiling.)

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