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June 1, 2015

Alison Van Uytvanck


6‑1, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French.

Q.テつ On paper you were supposed to be the favorite.テつ Were you under a lot of pressure?
ALISON VAN UYTVANCK:テつ As you said, on paper, I was the favorite, but I managed to be calm.テつ I started well.テつ No nerves.
In the second game, Love‑40 on my serve, but I managed to hold my serve, so I was on a roll.テつ So I'm delighted to reach the quarterfinals here in Paris.

Q.テつ Regarding your game, you have attempted lots of shots, very successful.テつ Do you have some perfect feelings?
ALISON VAN UYTVANCK:テつ In the second set, it was tough.テつ My opponent played better, fewer mistakes and errors, so she was aggressive.テつ But I backpedaled, and I gave away some points and opportunities.テつ She managed to get back into the match.
But I stayed calm, focused, and I was again on a roll.テつ That's quite impressive.

Q.テつ Have you realized that you've just qualified for a quarterfinal of a Grand Slam tournament?
ALISON VAN UYTVANCK:テつ I have yet to come to terms with that.テつ It's a dream that I have just realized.テつ It's not yet over.
I'm going to play against Bacsinszky or Kvitova on Wednesday.テつ I'm happy with my win.テつ I need to enjoy it.
But after we will see what's going to happen on Wednesday.

Q.テつ Against Bacsinszky or Kvitova, do you think that you will step in, will you put pressure, or are you going to change?
ALISON VAN UYTVANCK:テつ No, I'm not going to change my tactic.テつ I will step in against Kvitova.テつ She's a lefty.テつ She has a tough serve to read, but I need to play my game and be aggressive if I want to win the match.

Q.テつ How did you feel before the match and during match point?テつ What did you feel?
ALISON VAN UYTVANCK:テつ Before the match, I was nervous.テつ Everybody knew that we could seize the opportunity to reach the quarterfinals, so I seized this opportunity.テつ During the match point I had in my mind, make a double fault.テつ This is what I thought.

Q.テつ Are you happy when you win versus the previous rounds?
ALISON VAN UYTVANCK:テつ It changes a little bit.テつ When you win the first round, you are very happy, but when you reach the quarterfinals, it's totally different.テつ You are glad.

Q.テつ We are under the impression that nothing can happen to you, and physically you are fit.テつ You don't seem to be tired.
ALISON VAN UYTVANCK:テつ I feel great mentally and physically.テつ This is what matters.テつ I want to play good matches, and I have been successful.テつ I need to continue.

Q.テつ Last time a Belgian player reached the quarterfinals, it was Justine Henin.テつ So you will go down in history.テつ What do you think of that?
ALISON VAN UYTVANCK:テつ Justine is a source of inspiration to many players in Belgium, so it's quite an achievement to reach the quarterfinals and to be on par with Justine, who also advanced to the quarterfinals here.テつ So I don't have words to describe what I'm feeling.

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