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January 11, 2006

Nicole Vaidisova


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Nicole, please.

Q. I was just wondering what your expectations for the year are, having had a breakthrough season last year.

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Uhm, I just definitely want to, you know, play my best and improve. I have still a lot I have to work on. Just, you know, just enjoy my tennis and just feel good about it.

Q. Is there any particular aspect of your game you're looking to work on this season?

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I just think I have to develop the whole game in general because it's, you know -- in order to compete and beat, you know, the top 10 girls, you have to play consistent. So I'm working on, you know, achieving my high level of tennis more often and more consistently.

Q. Were you happy with the way you played today?

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I think I've gone on the court feeling pretty well. I started off pretty well, so I definitely felt good. You know, it was windy so it was of course hard. But, you know, I think I handled it well. So, yeah, I think I played pretty well.

Q. Any preference who you'd like to play tomorrow?

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No, I'm just excited to be in the semifinals, you know. It's my first time in Sydney, and I've never played Kim before. I played Francesca before; she's a tough player. So, you know, I'll just see and, you know, either way I'll try my best, and I'm hoping, you know, to go as far as possible.

Q. Given your success last year, the inevitable comparisons with the likes of Maria Sharapova will be drawn. Is that something that bothers you?

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I don't care. You know, you get used to it after a while because you get that question all the time. You kind of go like, you know -- we are -- if you sit us next to each other, we're two totally different people and I think we play differently. So it's -- I don't mind, but I don't care about it.

Q. Presumably, you'd like to sort of try to tap into some of her endorsement earnings, have the potential to be as successful as she is off court.

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, I don't follow her career off-court at all. I think she's a great player. She definitely played great for the past couple years. But, you know, I think she does it her own way, and if it's the way she wants to do, that's fine. But I want to do it my own way and do it the way I want, so I'm definitely not thinking how she's done that and this.

Q. Just on the endorsements, have you consciously thought about how you want to position yourself and what your image is off the court?

NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, I definitely want to -- when people will ever think about me, think a tennis player in the first place. I always want to be marketed or known as a tennis player. But I love, you know, to do different stuff, so did a couple photo shoots, I did a couple endorsements, Reebok. For sure that's definitely fun and I'm open to doing it. But tennis will always be the number one priority, and I want to be remembered as that, so...

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