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June 7, 2015

Steve Kerr


Cavaliers – 95
Warriors - 93

Q.  It just didn't look like you ever got going offensively except maybe in that last three‑minute run in the fourth quarter.  What explains that in your mind?  What happened offensively?  Was it just Cleveland getting a little more physical on every play?
COACH KERR:  Yeah, their defense was great.  I think they deserve a lot of credit for the way they played.  They got into the passing lanes.  They took our rhythm away.  Then we've got to do a better job ourselves of trying to create that pace and rhythm.
We'll look at the tape.  We've got to put our guys in a better position to get good looks.  I thought sometimes you get open shots that aren't rhythm shots, so you're not flowing, you're not playing well, and you haven't created anything offensively.  Then all of a sudden you do get an open look, but you're not in the flow, in the groove.  And I thought there was some of that tonight.
So we've got to do a better job, and, like I said, we'll watch the tape and figure it out.

Q.  Stephen Curry had an unusual game for him tonight.  Could you explain at all what you understand about it?  What happened and why?
COACH KERR:  It happens.  It happens to everybody, whether you're the MVP or a role player.  Sometimes the shots don't go in.  Sometimes things don't go your way.  Steph will bounce back.  He's a great player.  We'll help him.  We'll try to see if we can get him into a better groove.  But he'll be fine.

Q.  Was it just that he was having an off night or was it the Cavaliers doing something to him?
COACH KERR:  It's always both.  It's always both.  The defense has a big impact, and I thought their defense was very good.  Then there's other stuff that you have to be able to do to combat that, and we didn't do that.

Q.  Steph was good last game, but he's had a few off nights shooting the ball lately in I think the last four or five games.  Is it just a bad trend at the wrong time or are you seeing anything in particular going on with his shooting?
COACH KERR:  No, I'm not seeing anything like that.  I mean, the guy's been phenomenal in the playoffs.  So sometimes the ball doesn't bounce your way, it doesn't go in, it's fine.  You keep playing.
I've seen it with everybody.  I've seen it with Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan.  It doesn't matter who you are.  Nobody is immune from a tough night.
So Steph has been phenomenal throughout the playoffs.  Doesn't mean he's going to light it up every single night.  So you chalk it up to a bad night and see what you can do to try to free him up and maybe get him some open looks.

Q.  Much was made of Kyrie Irving being out of the series.  Matthew Dellavedova certainly doesn't have the pedigree Kyrie does.  But in this game he played a major role.  Steph didn't hit a shot while he was guarding him on some of those hustle plays.  What kind of impact did you see from Dellavedova and why do you think he was able to play such a role here?
COACH KERR:  Well, he's a good player.  They won a couple games against Atlanta, the East Finals, without Kyrie, so this was no surprise.  This is what we expected.  Tough game.  Great defensive teams.  Both teams I thought defended like crazy out there.  It was a grind‑out, kind of old‑school game.  That's the style that it's going to be when you get this deep in the playoffs.  It's rarely a track meet.

Q.  Do you think there is an element that Dellavedova gives them that even a great player like Kyrie does not?
COACH KERR:  They're different.  It's like anything else.  You replace one guy with another.  Everybody's a little different.  You have strengths, weaknesses, whatever.  So it's all part of it, and you just adapt accordingly, and you move on.

Q.  You sound like you're in a patient mood, and I know this year sometimes you go back and forth between being patient and letting them have it when you need to.  Why are you taking this tactic now?
COACH KERR:  How do you know I'm not just being patient with you?  Maybe I did light into them in the locker room.  Look, this is The Finals.  I mean, it's hard.  It's supposed to be hard.  We had a tough night.  So you have to move on.  You've got to learn from it and get better.
And that's what we're going to do.  We were in the same position against Memphis.  Every series is a little different.  It's something you have to work through, look at match‑ups, look at things you have to adapt to and adjust to, and you've got to continually get better as you go.  That's our goal.

Q.  Andrew Bogut pretty much invisible offensively tonight.  Just a couple points.  He only took one shot, missed it.  And down the stretch was he benched because they weren't putting Mozgov in?  Or was it vice versa and he was cold and you weren't going to go to him?
COACH KERR:  Well, we went to our small group with about three minutes left in the game.  Or maybe it was more than that.  That group was the one that got us into overtime.  So once you get to overtime with a group that's clicking, you generally don't make a move.  So we just stayed with the group that was playing well.

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