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June 7, 2015

Justin Rose


Q.  Justin, had a lot of ebb and flow in your game, not only in regulation but also in the playoff.  When you look back on everything that transpired here on Sunday, what do you want to take away from this?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I just poured my heart out, really.  Just didn't play well.  It was definitely a tricky day.  Just missed some iron shots, I suppose, starting on No. 3.  Just those critical little moments where you leave yourself with tough shots where you can't get up and down.
That's what this course is all about.  That's what I wasn't doing the first three day days.  And I think with the added breeze, it made those mistakes easier to happen.
Just one too many bogeys today.  I was proud of the way I fought back, and the whole day was just clawing back into contention.  It would have been lovely to have won.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, again, I think I pulled up shots when I really had to coming down the stretch.  I felt like I would have liked to put myself this the position where I could have sailed down the stretch, but I had to dig for it.
The birdies at 17, and up‑and‑down at 18, you have to take confidence from that that you can pull off shots when you really have to.¬† The rest of the round wasn't clean enough.
I think that was his first win or not?¬† Yeah, that's never easy to make a 6‑footer to win your first tournament.¬† So congratulations to him.
But obviously I could have put it away by shooting under par today.  It was just a hard day.  And just kind of made one too many bogeys out there, for sure.

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